National History Day

South Plains Regional Competition

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Road Map to Implementing the National History Day Competition on Your Campus

Click Here for your Contact Form

This form will provide the regional coordinators with your information so they can stay in touch with you and your progress throughout the school year.

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Contest Dates

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Agenda for the Day

8:30-9:00 Registration and Breakfast

9:00-9:10 Welcome and Fill Out Google Form for Contact Information

9:10-9:15 Introductions

9:15-10:15 National History Day- Basic Information for Contest

10:15-10:25 BREAK

10:25-11:00 Scavenger Hunt- Goose Chase App

11:00-11:30 Tips and Tricks for Implementation and Q&A

11:30-1:00 LUNCH

1:00-2:00 Primary Sources

2:00-2:30 Andy Wilkinson Performance

2:30-3:00 Bruce Cammack- Southwest Collections

2:30-3:30 Timeline for Completion and Implementation Activities

3:30-3:45 Wrap Up/ Evaluations


National History Day Website

This website will help you navigate throuh this process for you and your students to be successful in participating in National History Day.

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Padlet- National History Day

As we go throughout the day, if you have an observation, questions, feedback, and ideas- please share them on the Padlet. Click here to get started!

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Scavenger Hunt

1. Download the Goose Chase iPhone or Android app. (The GooseChase App has already been downloaded to the green iPads.)

2. Join the game by searching for “Implementing NHD- Workshop” from within the app (click the search button and enter the game.

3. Start completing missions when the game is started.

Prizes will be awarded to the participants with the MOST points.

Have Fun!
Scavenger Hunt Resources to Use With Students

Click here to access the instructions on how to create your own scavenger hunts for your students to learn the rules of National History Day and their categories!

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Jason Harris- Texas State Historical Association

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Primary Sources Discussion

What is the difference between primary and secondary resources?

How do you teach these differences to your students?

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Performance by Andy Wilkinson

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Resources from Southwest Collections

Bruce Cammack

Resources from the National Ranching Heritage Center

  1. Clothing Closet
  2. Burk Burnett Library
  3. Historians/ Curators
  4. Primary Source Documents (Ranching History)
  5. Historical Buildings

The National Ranching Heritage Center will also be giving a Ranching History Award to a project that relates to ranching. The winner will receive a plaque and cash prize!

Please contact Julie Hodges for more information.

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Timeline and Implementation

Implementation Timeline

Click here to get access to suggested timelines for competing in each category of National History Day, and an overall timeline for participation.

Teacher Resources

Click here to get access to teacher materials.

Final Day to Register for Regional Competition is February 12th!
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