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Cheerlading facts

*Lawrence Herkimer introduced the pom pom.

*Herkimer also introduced the spirit stick and the jump called the Herkimer

*In the 1920's females at the University Of Minnesota began to form a female cheer squad and put tumbling in their routines.

*1980's Cheerladers added MORE stunts in their routines and do competitive cheer.

*In the United States around 80% of schools have cheer squads.

*There are 4 million cheerleaders on planet Earth.

*More than 80% of cheerleaders have a grade point average of B's or above.

Some Cool Hand,Arm and Leg Positions

There are tons of hand positions ,arm and leg positions.

*The hand positions are the Blade,The Bucket,The Candlestick and The Dagger

*The arm positions are The Diagonal,The Hands On Hips,The Punch Up,The High V,The Touchdown,The L and The T.

*The Leg Motions are The Feet Together The Liberty Hitch and The Lunge.

Cheer History

Cheer Has Been around since 1898 WOW!!!!

The first University Football Game had the birth of cheer.

A Male Student forms a "Pep Club" to lead "Cheers".

They were Very spirited with chants and cheers.

Cheer is the most dangerous girls sport?

Injuries occur to high school girls,college woman and even little girls. Children 5 to 8 admitted to hospitals for cheerleading injuries in the U.S jumped from 10,900 in 1990 22,99 in 2002 according to research published in the journal pediatrics in 2006. Here are the statistics.

Strains/Sprains 52.4%

Soft Tissue injuries 18.4%

Fractures/Disolations 16.4%

Lacerations/Auvulions 3.8%

Concussions/Closed Head injuries 3.5%

Other 5.5%

Famous Cheerladers

*Aaron Spelling

*Alicia Silverstone


*Calista Flockhart

*Cybill Shepard

*Dwight D. Eisenhower

*Halle Berry

*Jamie Lee Curtis

*Jimmy Stewart

*Katie Couric


*Mandy Moore

*Meryl Streep

*Micheal Douglas

*Paula Abdul

*Raquel Welch

*Reba Mcentire

*Ruth Badar Ginsburg

*Sally Field

*Samuel L. Jackson

*Sandra Bullock

*Steve Martins

*Terri Hatcher

*Thad Cochran

*Trent Lott

*Vanna White

Mill Creek High School Varsity Coed Competition Cheer - 2015 GHSA Cheerleading State Regionals