Renewable Resources to Save Energy

By: Daniel Whitton

The Big Idea for the Home

The one thing that I think will help my house, school, and community is Wind power because we almost always have wind. The most reason I piked wind power is because I have a really big area in front of my house and there is nothing around there. This will work because it will be in the middle of the area where no one can hear it. Also there is almost never ending wind.
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School is a Grate Place to Learn.

My idea is at school we can have solar panels in the back of the school with all of the area and like no trees. The reason this will work is because almost every day is sunny and when it's not there is no power and that means no school.
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Community Power

The energy that I have thought about for our community is Biomass because we have a lot of farms so we have to have a lot of feces. That means that we can produce a lot of energy. Mostly Biomass is burning feces into steam and steam pushes a turbine that produces energy. That is why we should use Biomass for our community.
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