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New Products and Services we offer!

This month it has come to the attention of corporate that we need to entertain our customers more. So in addition to having the t.v.'s, starting in March we will be adding optional gaming systems to each of the t.v.'s with a game rack to choose from. We hope this will liven up the environment!

Employees of the Month: January

Birthday's: January and February

Brittney Bennett: January 25th

Dylan Carey: January 27th

Tyler Ryan: February 13th

Carter Grooms: February 18th

Thanks for sticking with us at Boi's Pizzeria!

Our employees are the foundation for the success Boi's and we thank you guys everyday for working for us!

Staff Meeting

Sunday, Feb. 21st, 9:15am

Perimeter Lakes Drive

Dublin, OH

We will hold a mandatory staff meeting Sunday the 21st to discuss future changes and plans. All employees must be present.