Civil War

By: Skittles Blankenship


Slavery was one of the main reasons of the Civil war.It started many small battles then broke into one of the most important wars in history.The people fighting in the war were the union/North and the Confederate/South. The union won our freedom :).


there were many battles leading up to the civil war and each team lost more and more people died trying to help there states with what they belived in.

The 5 deadlyest battles:

name: Gettysburg Died: Union 3,155 Confederate 4,500

name:Spotsylvania Died:Union 2,725 Confedrerate1,400

name: The wilderness Died: Union 2,246 Confederate 1,495

name:Chanceollerville Died:Union 1,600 Confederate 1,600

name:Chckamunga Died: Union 1,657 Confederate 2,312

The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad actually wasn't underground.It was a hidden path for slaves to escape through without anyone knowing. the underground railroad was a place for people to rest and gather up strength for the long journey ahead of them.People called Abalitionists helped the slaves escape from the South and into the North or Canada.

Causes and Effects of the Civil War

The Civil War had many Causes such as Slavery or The amancapation Proclamation or mini battles. These all led up to the civil war. But with Causes there ARE Effects.During the Civil War Many citys and towns were destroyed.So after the War they were rebuilt and i imagagin it took a long time