6th Grade News 10/8/15

Strong and Courageous-Joshua 1:9

Filling Buckets

Filling a bucket!!!

Earlier in the year, we read a book called “Have you filled a Bucket Today?” Here are some ways we have been “Bucket Fillers”:

Nick- “I shared my extra water bottle”

Shaylah- “I complimented Lily in Volleyball when she got a serve over”

Mya- “When I was playing Volleyball, one of the girls on the other team complimented me”

Chloe- “I let Mya borrow a book she was wanting to read.”

Chrissy- “I complimented Chloe on her appearance.”

Caleb- “I helped my sisters with their homework and my sisters complimented me.”

Danny- “I gave Phillip a dollar so he could buy something from the vending machine.”

Josh-”My friend gave me his monkey pebbles for my birthday when I was little.”

Carrie- “My bucket was filled when everybody decided to play volleyball with me.”

Catherine- “I cleaned up Carrie and my locker.”

David- “When I went to Pole Positioning Racing Camp, the other kids gave me their gamer tags for xbox.”

Phillip- “I helped Miles with the trading cards.”

Christian-“I went to the aid center with my friend.”

Michael-”I filled someone's bucket by pushing them on the swing”

Miles- “I had my bucket filled when Phillip helped me with the trading cards.

This year we will continue to be bucket fillers. It makes our class feel nice and happy that we can be good bucket fillers. :) Keep looking for updates on ways we have been Bucket Fillers.

By: Carrie and Christian

Recommendations for the Books

Books, books, and more books!

Some of our favorites that you should read.

15. Midnight for Charlie Bone(1st book): Charlie Bone is a kid who can hear people’s conversations from photographs. He is sent to a special school where some other people have special abilities, too.

14. The One and Only Ivan: Ivan is a lonely gorilla who lives in a mall. When he meets Ruby, a baby elephant, it completely changes his world.

13. Chasing Vermeer: When two kids, Petra, and Calder, are drawn into this mystery; they find themselves trying to solve an art scandal that has stumped the FBI.

12. Inkheart(1st book): When Meggie’s father reads aloud from a book and an evil ruler lands in the real world outside of the book, she must learn to harness the magic that conjured him for everyone’s sake.

11. The False Prince(1st book): Conner, a man of the king’s court, has a plan. He will find boys to pretend to be the lost prince. His group of boys are all fighting for the role, but for different reasons. Their choice is simple: lie or die.

10. The Eighth Day(1st book): Wouldn’t it be cool to have your own secret day? That’s what Jax Aubrey thinks at first when he wakes up on the Eighth Day, a secret day in between Wednesday and Thursday. Now Jax has a choice: protect his friend Evangeline, who only exists on this eighth day; or save the human race from the people who want to capture Evangeline and use her magic to destroy the other seven days.

9. The Never War(3rd book): Bobby Pendragon is a normal kid, except for the fact that he is a Traveler. Travelers go all over what they call Halla and protect the territories from the evil Saint Dane. (Be sure to read the first two books also.)

8. Magyk(1st book): Septimus Heap, the seventh son of the seventh son, disappears the night he is born, pronounced dead by the midwife. That same night, the baby's father, Silas Heap, comes across an abandoned child in the snow—a newborn girl with violet eyes. Who is this mysterious baby girl, and what really happened to the Heaps' beloved son Septimus?

7. If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late(2nd book): In this book, Pseudonymous Bosch continues his intriguing series. I won’t tell you about Cass and Max-Earnest, Ms. Mauvais, Lord Pharaoh, or the elusive Pietro. Oh, shoot! Well, face it: if you’re reading this, it’s too late!

6. The Lightning Thief(1st book): When a monster shows up at your door claiming that you have “The bolt” you should run.

5. Disney After Dark(1st book): When five teens sign up to model for Disney hosts, they think it’ll be easy. They model, get money for college, become instant hits, and it’s over… or is it?

4. The Iron Trial(1st book): Callum Hunt has spent his whole life being told that magic is horrible. So when the Iron Trial, the test all young magicians take to see if they qualify for the Magisterium, comes around, Call wants to fail, but he fails at failing.

3. Among the Hidden(1st book): In a world where having a third child is forbidden, a kid named Luke (who happens to be a third child) is hiding from almost everyone until a girl sees him in the window. Is this the end of Luke?

2. The Selection(1st book): The Selection: for most girls the competition of a lifetime. When the crown prince of Illèa turns 19, all eligible girls can sign up for a chance to be one of the 35 competing to be the next queen. America Singer happens to be one of the 35.

1! The Hunger Games(1st book): In what was once North America, the Capitol of Panem maintains its hold on its 12 districts by forcing them each to select a boy and a girl, called Tributes, to compete in a nationally televised event called the Hunger Games.

By Mya and Josh

Getting Prizes by Reading

Book It & Blues Book Worms

Book It has started! For Book It, we have to log minutes on Biblionasium.com.That’s how we log all the minutes. At the end of each month for Book It, we get a free Personalized Pan ticket at Pizza Hut. Go to the closest to you or a one you like to go to. To get the pizza you have to read 300 minutes or above for the month. That should be easy to get if you keep up with your required AHR!

For Blues Book Worms if you get over 300 minutes in October, November, and December you will get a Blues ticket.

Some people don’t like to read like Chrissy, but if you find the right genre of books you’ll literally fall in love with books. Like Chloe, she fell in love with a mystery series called Shadow children series. Among the Hidden is the first in the series maybe you should try it sometime. Chrissy loves the series called Magic. It’s a sci-fi series with long books-each is at least 48 chapters long. She’s on chapter 38. Maybe you’ll find the perfect genre for you. Try reading it’s fun and mental, it's fundamental. So go to the library or borrow a book from a friend.

By Chrissy, Chloe, and David

$Money for School$

GIVE BOX TOPS Do you like ring pops? if you do then turn in 60 box tops for two ring pops. That's all you have to do pretty simple right, just make sure you turn them in this week.The box tops will help fund the PSCE to buy stuff for the school


In school we are doing spelling. Every week we get spelling homework. When we get back from recess we work quietly on it. Every friday we don’t have homework because that's when we turn it in. The class has a test every three weeks. We have 5 words from each chapter. For example chapters 1,2,and 3. Right now we're on chapter 7. We are learning about compound words. This is what we do every day in spelling.

by: Mikaela and Caleb

Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat

Trunk or treat is on Saturday, October 24.

Trunk or Treat is when you dress up in your costume and walk around the parking lot and get candy. There is a hay ride and there's a DJ. You can participate in the pumpkin carving and the car decorating contests. There are also door prizes. You can also order Imo’s pizza for eight dollars. Tickets are on sale in the gym between church services, (they are $6 per car) and in the school office. Hope to see everyone there!

By Miles and Catherine