AVID's semi-completed mission

Jamie Rucker Jan. 9,2015 Period 2 7th grade


Well we did it! We completed half of the school year after battling major projects and final exams. Now we only have 4 months and a half until we move on to the next grade level. This would be a good time now to mentally rethink over what you have learned with our newly found techniques,especially for AVID students. How have they helped you? As being an AVID student, I have learned a lot. These are some of the techniques i have experienced and learned throughout the months and how they have helped me.


Cornell notes are always and must be in Hd and turned in to my AVID teacher each Friday.They can be taken in any of you classes,including your electives. With this new technique, my brain functions well with this study tool.


A TRF, or a tutorial request form, is a paper that you fill out using a subject or assgnment that you need help on. They are used on Tuesdays and Thursdays on tutorial days. TRFs have helped me understand where I went wrong in a assignment and what I should or should not have done.


Organization counts a lot in AVID, especially in binder checks. A binder check is when our AVID teacher checks our binder for specific organization. It may seem a bit sily, but binder checks help more than you think. They provide a clean enviroment where you can easily find your papers in their designated spots without losing anything in your binder. Organization has been very helpful since I joined the AVID program because it helps me quickly find my desired tools and papers without losing anything important.


Community service is not only helpful and nice, but it also looks great on your application to college. Each semester, my AVID teacher gives out news about an opportunity for community service. This semester, it was at mission Arlington where we helped pack can foods into boxes for the homeless. That has provided a quick passage to college while still helping our city.


The fear of public speaking is common through the grade levels. What is most required is to be calm, just speak loud and try to maintain eyecontact with the audience. When I first stated AVID, I was frightened at the idea of a bunch of pair of eyes staring attentively at me while i speak. But, as I have learned the specific ways of public speaking, I have learned to deal with it.


When I was in the 6th grade, I wasn't the best at doing my homework. I often had the idea to do it in the morning at the gymnasium. It never turned out as planned though.I have learned now since being in AVID that homework is the main ingredient to your grade. You never succeed if you stall and don't complete it. I now spend at least everyday doing homework that I have in the classes. Sometimes I even spend Friday nights, my night of relaxation, finishing what I did not complete.

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AVID requires alot of hard effort to pass. At the beginning of the semester, I was told to write down a goal. It was to overcomemy fear of public speaking and I believe I have overcome it. My new goal for this new 2nd semester is to always have my binder clean throughou the schoolday. Sometimes, I get new papers that are not hole punched and just slip them in the front pocket of my binder.