Eagle Updates Week 16

December 14-18, 2015

Your QVE Story


Thanks for sharing your QVE Stories! The theme that is consistent throughout everyone's report is the positive energy and great people that make up our school community! I see us living out our mission as we provide our students with wonderful leadership opportunities that will help them to become effective problem solvers, critical thinkers, and dynamic communicators! I see our staff using their creativity to find innovative solutions to reach our unique learners while showing off their gifts and talents.

With further ado- the team that wins the story telling challenge is... (drum roll please!)
Our wonderful Kinder Team! Ms. Velasquez went all out and put her twist on this story-telling challenge by writing and singing a song! Check the song out here- I think we should all learn the words!!

If you sent me a story and it's not featured in this Updates - stay tuned - as I would like to feature at least one story per week. So keep your stories coming!!

Join me in celebrating our Kinder Team!
QVE is Beautiful

Ms. Warren's Story

Leadership Spirit Community

What makes Quail Valley a Special Place?

I feel that Quail Valley is special because of the strong focus and emphasis on building leadership skills within the teacher and the students. As a new teacher on campus, I find that teaching and talking about what it takes to be a leader and what we will do to become a leader are crucial to building a strong sense of assurance within ourselves and can do nothing but make a person feel like they can change the world.

Describe Quail Valley’s Culture

The first word that popped into my mind when it came to the culture on the campus was “Spirited.” There is a sense of pride throughout the hallways here. The student’s seem just as spirited (if not more) than the teachers, and that is something I feel is good to see and good to have within a school. Go Eagles!

What feelings come to mind when you think of Quail Valley?

I feel a strong sense of community within the school here. I have never been on a campus that is so involved with the local community. There are so many great events created to support our school and to help those in need within our community. I feel that the teachers here are very close with their teammates. I really feel comfortable with my team, we plan together, collaborate together, laugh together (some of us have cried together lol), and even coordinate our outfits together J

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What's Up at QVE this week?

December 14th, Mon. Spelling Bee 4:00 - 6:30

December 15th, Tues. PLC for PreK- 2nd

December 16th, Wed.

· Polar Express Day – Students wear pajamas/Pictures with Santa

· Committee Meetings at 3:30

· Nursing Home Visit--Oyster Creek Manor at 6:00 pm

December 17th, Thurs.

  • Classroom Parties
  • Winter Program 6:00pm - 7:00 pm


December 18th, Fri.
  • Winter Sing-Along 9:15-10:15
  • Early Dismissal at 12:10 for students
  • End of 1st Semester/Nine Weeks

Don't Forget Your Secret Santa this Week!

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Message from Prinicpal Spears

My Christmas Wish

It's hard to believe that this year is coming to a close. As we end our year together, I want you to know how proud I am of the culture we're creating on our wonderful campus.

I've always dreamed of leading a learning community that held high expectations for students, staff, and families while embracing the unique talents of all family members. I've dreamed of a learning community that provided students with the responsibility to lead and take charge of their learning while teachers/staff worked as facilitators, guiding students to a point of discovery where they felt safe taking risks. I've dreamed of a learning community where students were challenged by engaging lessons and thought-provoking questions. I've dreamed of having a dedicated, proactive team who not only took responsibility for their results- but took action when faced with challenges.

So my Christmas wish is that we continue to grow and move towards creating a school that thrives on creating wonderful learning opportunities and high expectations for our students, teachers, staff, families and our community.

Please take time to relax, reflect, and enjoy this break with friends and family. I wish you a Merry Christmas, joyous holiday season, and amazing blessings in the New Year!

Much love to you and your families,

Principal Spears