Girl Fakes Pregnancy For 10 Months

Found on Yahoo! News

The Pregnancy

Unnamed 16 year old girl faked being pregnant with triplets for 10 month as her family grew suspicious. As the months moved passed, the family and close friends sent in thousands of dollars in donations, presents, and a baby shower. Her boyfriend, Jordan, had been looking for a better job to prepare him self to be a father.
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The girl at 10 months

The Reveal

As the 9 month period dragged into a 10th month, the family took her in to check if the babies were alright. When the doctor said there were no heartbeats but her own, she cracked and told everyone that she had lost them at 6 weeks. She had been wearing a fake stomach to pretend she was along with buying fake ultrasounds from a website named All donations and presents will be returned and the website will be shut down.
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