Coconut Smoothy Delight

by Lucas Kolarik

Do you like smoothies? Mouldy coconut juice and what about mouldy ice cream? If you do you have come to the right recipe! This is the recipe for ….. Coconut smoothie delight! Get ready to excite your taste buds.


You will need....

· Bowl
· Blender
· Table spoon
· Knife
· Chopping Board
· Ice Cream Scoop
· Cups (drinking cups)
· Straws ( optional)


The food that you need is...

· 250mls of mouldy Coconut Juice.
· 2 Scoops of ice-cream (flavours of your choice preferably vanilla).
· 350mls of normal mouldy milk.
· Strawberry jam (optional).
· 7 cubes of ice.


1. To start off you need to get out your blender.
2. Once you have got out your blender put in the 7 blocks of ice. This is what will make your smoothie nice and cool for hot days.
3. Now put in the refreshing normal mouldy milk.
4. Put in the ice cream
5. It’s time for the main ingredient ….. Mouldy coconut juice! With this step you have to be very careful. Get out your chopping board and a knife, do you remember how I said about being careful, well this is it! Get your coconut and turn it so that the bottom is on the cutting board, like in the picture below. Once you have done this get your knife and carefully cut the coconut in half and pour the coconut juice from the halves into the blender.
6. This step is optional. This is where you use the strawberry jam by carefully scooping the jam out with a table spoon and placing it into the blender.
7. Well done you’ve bared with me to the very last step. Put the lid on the blender and turn in on high for 30 seconds. If the texture is lumpy, continue blending for another 30 seconds.
8. Pour the smoothie into tall glasses and enjoy!

I hope that this recipe has worked for you and the Mouldy Coconut was mouldy enough for your tastebuds! Did you find it extreme for the buds that taste or was it amateurish? But still tell your friends, family and people you know about this awesome recipe. Thank you and hope you have enjoyed Coconut Smoothie Delight!!