Yemen Population is 24.41 million there is a lot of people staying there.The Capital of Yemen is called Sana'a.The Biome of Xeric Shrublands that's the only one they have in Yemen.the tropical wildlife is Leopards and many other stuff.One Tourist destinations is called Socotra this is a beautiful place to go to.The government type of Yemen is called republics.A little Know fact in Yemen is Many Asian tourists love to go to Australia because it is less cost than traveling to Europe when the non-Asian destinations are taken into consideration.The area of Asia is 17.21 million sq miles (44.58 million km²) that's very big. Yemen Currency is called yuan's.


Right now in Yemen there are some form biome alterations, biome alterations are alterations to the biome to make or control the conditions of the soil, water, temperature, humidity
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Tourist Attraction

There many types of tourist attraction in Yemen like

-Marib dam

-Ghumdan palace

-Cisterns of tawila

topical wildlife

Yemen topical wildlife has a lot of different animals.

2,000 plant Species and about 170 Endemics. The woodlands are rich in Animal life, sheltering approximately 34 Mammal Species, 245 bird Species, 41 Reptile Species and 7 amphibian species. Overgrazing, erosion of poorly maintained agricultural terraces, deforestation and hunting are the major threats here.

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Meaning of the Flag

black is said to stand for the dark days of the past, while white represents a bright future and red the blood of the struggle to achieve independence and unity.