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The Warm Demander: An Equity Approach

As the end of the school year draws near, your students will benefit from extra encouragement and the support of a structured environment. This article includes information about setting the tone for an environment of warmth and high expectations for all.
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Plan-It Learning: Professional Development Reminder: Culturally Relevant Teaching

We have an upcoming opportunity for teachers to participate in professional development on culturally relevant teaching, including strategies to enhance learning within a culturally diverse classroom. Please click here for details.

5 Strategies to Deepen Student Collaboration

Most of us who teach believe in the power of collaboration and frequently engage our students in collaborative activities. But how many times have we put students in groups only to watch them interact with their laptops instead of each other? Or pursue their own individual goals instead of consult with one another? Click here to read more.

Quick Tip: End-of-Year Checklists

Remember to check with your mentor about any required end-of-year tasks at your school site. Having these conversations now will help you keep stress at bay and stay organized through the end of the year.

Charlotte Kralik, New Teacher Support Specialist

Lesley Wilson, New Teacher Support Specialist

Molly Blair, New Teacher Support Specialist