Live, Die, Repeat

The Caste System, Reincarnation, and Karma

It's three A.M. Everyone is sleeping in bed as the moon sits above the small, quiet village. Except for you. You look carefully to see that no one of a higher caste is walking around in the dark, as the mere sight of you could pollute them. You quickly get to work, getting water and making leather before the sun comes up soon. You are a Dalit, an untouchable, This is your life. You accept it with open arms, fulfilling your duties and hoping to be born into a higher caste in the next life.

The Caste System- a rigid social system of organization based on heredity

The caste system, dating all the way back to the Aryan invasion of India around 2000 BC, is divided into four main groups, with an outside group known as the Dalits, or untouchables. Brahmins could be worthy of priests or teachers; Kshatriyas are worthy of becoming worriers or politicians; Vaishyas, merchants or professionals; and Sudras, servants or laborers.

Hindus believed thoughts and desires humans find analyze unconscious impulses that came from their previous lives.

The Caste System Triangle

"It's like you are born with a stamp on your forehead and you can never get rid of it," says Amit, one of the community correspondents.

The Unfair Lives of the Dalits

"Boys beaten to death for picking flowers." "Dalits tortured for three days by police." "Seven Dalits burnt to death in caste clash." "Dalit woman taken advantage of and paraded naked." Human rights abuses these people in legions.

These people fall below the four castes, they are considered to be outside of the system. Which means, they are outside of society for any and all practical purposes. They're not even allowed to read the sacred texts. But, if they fulfill their duties -such as leather making or disposing of dead animals or humans- and accept their place in life (Dharma), they could reincarnate as a higher caste.

Reincarnation and Karma

Reincarnation; the philosophical basis of this belief is the consideration that if individual souls (Jivas) are eternal, where did they come from? The spirit is independent of the body and the situation the spirit is in. Karma is the moral law of action and reaction The present condition of your soul (confusion or serenity)) is a product of your past decisions.

Reincarnation on The Caste System

In conclusion, reincarnation and the caste system have two big impacts on each other. Reincarnation effects how you will live in the next life, for example, if you had good Karma in your last life and you were a Vaishya, you might be born as a Kshatriya in the next life. But if you had bad Karma, you'd probably be born as a Sudra or an untouchable, depending. Brahman, the highest point that everyone wanted to reach, could take many many many lifetimes to achieve. So, if you were a Hindu, what kind of karma would you have; what class would you be born into?


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