The U.S.A. Weekly

December 10, 2011

The Iraq War

Imagine being deployed to another country for war. Imagine going to Iraq and being on patrol when suddenly, your attacked by militants! You have to fire blindly in order to knock your attacker out of the tree they are hiding in. You can hear the pop-popping of gun shots all around you. Out of the corner of your eye you see a close confederate fall as a bullet burns itself into his skin after it hits its mark. You taste the sweat and blood in your mouth and want it to all be over. Then your wish is granted. The last of the militants run away, defeated. The air smells smokey and you run to your friends side. He is already dead. The rotten smell of dead flesh fills the air. You hold on to your friend like doing this will save his life. Suddenly your only wish is to come home.
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Coming Home Soon

American troops have been in Iraq for far too long. Now it is time to bring them home. The original goal of the U.S military was to take Saddam Hussein out of power and turn Iraq into a democracy. Hussein died years ago, but making Iraq a democracy isn't the only reason the U.S stayed. It was rumored that Hussein was making weapons of mass destruction and then selling them to terrorist groups like al-Qa`ida. Great Britain has yet to find the weapons of mass destruction, but they may have found the links between al-Qa`ida and the Iraqi government. Barack Obama, who came into U.S office as president in 2009, has said that the U.S will end the war and start to pull out troops on December 15. We will all welcome them home and thank them for their bravery, honor, and sacrifice. Hang in there America, they are coming home soon.