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March IGSD Newsletter

Superintendent Hubbard- Class Size

IGSD Community,

There has been quite a stir lately regarding class size at Iowa-Grant. Channel 3 and affiliate news stations’ coverage of this has not done justice to the real story. Their coverage has caused me to second guess the validity of other “news” covered by these stations. Here is my perspective on this matter.

We have administrators, board members, teachers, other staff, families, and the greater community looking out for the best interest of our students. Our Mission says it best: In partnership with the community, the Iowa-Grant School District will empower all students to reach their full potential as responsible individuals who strive for life-long learning to successfully compete in an ever-changing global society.

I feel that in any good partnership, there are going to be times that everybody isn’t on the exact same page in regards to the best path to take. However, it makes me proud to realize that everybody from our community who has joined into the conversation has the best interest of our children at heart. As long as we all keep that as our focus, respect each other, and continue to work towards our common goal; we are going to end this conversation with a plan that will work for our students.

If this is all news to you, and you would like to get caught up to speed on the conversation, I would be happy to meet with anybody individually or in groups to discuss this topic. There are many factors that go into class size including:

  • Our past history of small class sizes.

  • Research on the effect of class size.

  • The needs of students.

  • The costs of additional teachers when class sizes are set low.

  • How changes will impact teachers.

  • Most importantly, any changes we make we want to do for the benefit of our students.

Please understand that the numbers which the school board has been asked to consider are not large, but they are larger than current numbers. My proposal to the board at the February 27th meeting was:

  • Class sizes will be capped at 17 plus the grade level, and contain not less than 14 plus the grade level. It is understood that these are guidelines and that sometimes administration may have reason to allow fewer or more students in a section.

We left the meeting with the impression that the following motion passed regarding class size limits:

  • Kindergarten - 16 (High)/14 (Low)

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd - 17 (High)/15 (Low) + 1 if needed

  • 4th - 8th - 18 (High)/16 (Low) + the grade level (So fourth grade’s high would be 18+4=22 and low would be 16+4=20)

We are close. It is clear that board members, administrators, teachers, and our community value education and especially the early years of a child’s education. We want to get children started with very positive experiences. There is a general consensus that we want to provide small classes for our students . This topic will be revisited at the March 11th board meeting which starts at 6:30 PM and will be at IGEMS. We should have our full board present, which will help to ensure that we do not have another tie vote. The board will revisit the motion which almost passed on February 27th. If that doesn’t pass, it will get figured out, and we will continue our tradition of focusing on student needs.

The community is encouraged to share thoughts on this matter verbally or in writing with administration (,,, or their school board members ( The district phone number is 608-943-6311; please ask to speak with one of us if that is your preference.


Stephanie Hubbard


By State and Federal law, we are required to take a school census each year as well as research on suspected handicapped children. The purpose of the annual census is to count the exact number of children, age birth to twenty-one, residing in the school district. We are also interested in knowing if parents suspect their child to have any special problems or needs. State and Federal legislation require the Child Find efforts be made to locate all children who might benefit from special educational services. This year, we would like to try to simplify this for everyone by collecting the information electronically. Please click on this link: to submit your family's information electronically. Include all children in your home, ages birth to twenty one. Only one form per household is needed. (If you fill it out electronically you do not need to also complete a paper copy.) Paper copies will be available at the building offices. If electing to complete the paper version, please return it to the school building where your children attend or return it to the district office: 498 County IG, Livingston, WI 53554. It is very important that we know which village or township you reside as this is how we report census to the State of Wisconsin.

We ask your cooperation in answering these census questions. It will take only a few minutes of your time and all information will be confidential.

Thank you!

Stephanie Hubbard, Superintendent

March 4-8 is National School Breakfast Week

The Iowa-Grant School District offers a healthy breakfast at each school daily for our students and staff!


$1.50 for Early Childhood and 4K - Grade 4;

$1.60 for Grades 5-12;

$.30 for students who qualify for reduced meals;

Free to students who qualify for free meals;

$2.30 for Adults



Ss. Anthony & Philip Church, 726 Main Street, Highland, WI

(The food is brought to you by Catholic Charities and is free to anyone with no income requirements). The type of food varies each month.

Registration begins - 4:00 p.m.

Food pick up – 4:30-5:30 p.m.


MONDAY – March 25, 2019

*Please bring bags, boxes, or containers and we’ll load your car.

All we request is your initials, zip code and how many reside in your family.

*Families may send a representative to pick up food, if they themselves are unable.


Questions phone: Connie: 623-2095, Kathy: 929-7713, Nancy: 929-7508


Notice is hereby given to the qualified electors of said district that the annual election of school board members for the school board of said district will be held on April 2, 2019 being the first Tuesday in April, at the same times with the same municipal election hours and the same polling places used for the annual spring elections held in the various municipalities lying wholly or partially within this school district. The names of the candidates for each office to be voted for, whose declarations of candidacy have been filed and verified in the manner required by law, are given under the title of the office in the sample ballot.

Hours for voting are 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Polling places are as follows:

Village of Cobb – Cobb Community Building; Village of Linden – Village Hall (444 Jefferson Street); Village of Livingston – Livingston Fire Station; Village of Montfort – Montfort Fire/Rescue Building; Village of Rewey – Rewey Fire House; Town of Castle Rock – Castle Rock Town Hall (15070 Hwy G); Town of Clifton – Livingston Fire Station; Town of Eden – Town Office; Town of Highland – Town Hall; Town of Lima – Town Hall; Town of Linden – Town Hall; Town of Mifflin – Town Hall; Town of Wingville – Township Building.

Iowa-Grant Education Foundation

This year, 2019, the Iowa-Grant Educational Foundation, celebrates its 20th anniversary. There’s a lot of change in 20 years including new folks moving into the district.

After considering the best way for the Iowa-Grant district to receive donations of money and property, in 1999 then superintendent J Bruce Bradley formed a steering committee (Lois Alton, Peggy Biddick, Bob Bishop, Dr. Richard Bristol, Dr.Dennis Carr, Robert Day, Tammie Engelke, Glenda Faull, Francis Fry, Ron Haas, David Kalish, Dr. Robert Klindt, Ellen Lindner, Tom Moffett, Jim Neuendorf, and Kelly Ritchie). Working together this group explored options relative to charitable status, ultimately deciding to affiliate with the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, an established 501c3 public charity that could provide administrative, investment and technical support. Formal by-laws were drawn up, officers were elected, donations were received, and a fund was established in 2000.

What has happened in 20 years? Today IGEF has 13 funds that have been established through the work of volunteers and donors. Ten of those funds are to provide scholarships. Six of the 10 are endowed, meaning the fund will provide a scholarship annually, in perpetuity. In fact, one of those endowments – honoring Millard “Mick” Gundlach – was established in 2001 and has funded a scholarship every year since! In total and to date 147 scholarships valued at $113,395 have been awarded to Panther graduates.

IGEF also makes grants for school projects through their Excellence in Education fund. Twice yearly the group solicits grant applications within the school. In total, teachers, staff, and student groups have been awarded 42 grants totaling just over $23,500.

During the past 6 months nearly 60 individuals, families, and/or businesses have given nearly $4000 to the IGEF funds. If you are interested in learning more, visit the following website: You may also contact IGEF advisory board chair Dave Kalish or CFSW donor services rep Barb Daus ( Gifts may be sent to IGEF, PO Box 124, Livingston WI 53554


Walking: Are you finding that it is too cold or slippery outside to walk? Walkers are welcome to use IGEMs hallways at times students are not present. There isn't a charge! Call Jill Allen at 608-943-6311 extension 1054 for details about walking.

Fitness Room: The Iowa-Grant School District offers the general public access to our fitness center at IGEMs. A modest yearly fee of $20 will be used to help maintain the equipment. Since we want everyone to be safe and have an enjoyable experience there is a waiver that must be signed that spells out the expectations and terms. Please contact Lois Peart, Health and PE Instructor 608-943-8161 EX 2031 or for more information.


If your child(ren) will not be riding their bus in the morning, please call the bus garage prior to 7:00 am at 608-943-6781 to talk to someone or leave a message rather than calling and leaving a message at the school office. The office will not get the message in time to relay onto the bus driver. Thank you!!

Iowa-Grant High School

2nd Quarter Honor Roll Students

Distinguished Honors


Teris Baker, Dylan Bingham, Emma Cullen, Cortney Fiedler-Fosbinder, Jacqueline Hawes, Zachary Kohlenberg, Grace Lenz, Reid Lundell, Payton Schmitz, Treyton Starkey, Ella Wolff


Nicholas Connolly, Ryan Esser, Luke Fillback, Isaac Hill, Hazel Klosterman, Elly Lindner,

Lauren Linscheid, Hannah Maughan, Taylor Runde, Sage Soman, Brena Straka, Brie Straka


Carter Christianson, Olivia Liddicoat, Sydney Lundell, Samantha McLeer, Keagan Pilling,

Colin Steffl, Michael Winders


Sarah Buckhaus, Alexis Busse, Haylee Casper, Carter Grim, Lauren Harmening, Cobb Hubbard,

Madelyn Hunt, Herolyn Klosterman, Dakota Kohlenberg, Thomas Maughan,

Samantha Richards, Hunter Silvers, Grayson Stivarius, Parker Velte, Alec Zimmer

High Honors


Grace Clark, Abigail Fowell, Montanna Freymiller, Cade Kuhls, MaKayla Pilling, Owen Rundell


Lillian Drew, Eduardo Gomes Lacerda, Logan Hubbard, Tatum Kite, Lucas Oyen

Andrew Winders, Zachary Winkler,


Faylea Cartwright, Sawyer Dobson, Ross Havlik, Matthew Phillips, Jay Schaefer

Joanna Spurley, Gabriel Vivian, Matthew Winders


Allyson Cullen, Sawyer Gough, Alexis Miura, Kylie Washburn,



Arianna Barr, Mallory DiVall, Robert Dosch, Mackenzie Leitzinger, Savannah Vivian


Avery Barrett, Marissa Hahn, David Heene, Mya McCarthy, Eva Negrini, Austin Thoma


Isaac Albaugh, Allison Bickford, Kenzie Oakes, Lane Shemak, Tristan Stanton-Johnson


Nathan Daniels, Arianna Gilman, Ethan Rundell

Sub-District Contest

Congratulations to all 21 of the Iowa-Grant Forensics entries who competed at the Sub-District Contest on February 25th. All 21 entries earned the required scores to advance to the next level of competition. Mrs. Rolli and Mrs. Richmond are very proud of the performances by our students. Despite the number of cancelled practices due to weather, our students rose to the occasion and continue the tradition of success! We all realize that it takes a lot of effort and energy to perform. We can only improve with more time to practice together. Our students have their sights set on earning medals at the SWAL meet coming up on Monday, March 4th in Riverdale before they fine tune their performances for the District contest on Saturday, March 16th at UW-Platteville. Your best opportunity to see all these talented students in action is at the Forensics Showcase on Sunday, April 7th in the IGHS library. Starts at 6 PM and refreshments are served!

Student Council Collection

The Iowa-Grant High School Student Council is collecting old cell phones, cords, chargers for the remainder of the school year. If you have any old phones and equipment that you want to get rid of, please drop them off or send them to the high school (attn: Mr. Bucky Boland). We collect old phones to keep them out of the landfills!

International Club Traveling to Dominican Republic

The International Club is traveling to the Dominican Republic in June 2019! Mrs. Rolli and Brittany Spurley have led student travel for Iowa-Grant students since 2014. Previous trips to Guatemala and Costa Rica were memorable learning experiences. They believe it is important for students to gain cultural insight and perspective to form a personal worldview as they grow into adults. The ten seniors participating have various levels of Spanish skills, previous travel experience and reasons for wanting to share this adventure. We are always grateful for the community support of our fundraising efforts. Not only does it help offset the trip cost for students, they are able to cover shuttle to and from Chicago as well as passport and baggage fees. The students have committed to working to pay for the trips through their own means.

They will be selling Jose Madrid Salsa starting on March 8th. Contact Sarah, Lexi, Haylee, Allyson, Nathan, Hope, Madie, Samantha, Kylie or Mrs. Rolli for more details and to place an order.

Iowa-Grant LEO Club

The Iowa-Grant LEO Club is collecting old pairs of eyeglasses, prescription sun glasses, and hearing aids to be recycled. If you have these at home and want to get rid of them, please drop them off or send them to the high school (attn: Mr. Bucky Boland). We collect them for Lions Club International and they are recycled and reused in developing countries around the world.

IGHS Events for March

March 2nd (8-5PM)- Music Parents Pasty Making Event

March 4th (4PM) - SWAL Forensics at Riverdale

March 7th - Academic Decathlon (State) and American Red Cross Blood Drive (8:30 AM - 2:30 PM)

March 8th - Academic Decathlon (State)

March 11th - Softball Practice Starts, Youth Risk Behavior Survey to 9th - 12th grade (8AM - 8:45AM); 6PM Music Parents' Meeting; 6:30PM Board Meeting

March 12th - 7PM Band/Choir Concert

March 16th - Forensics - District Event @ UWP

March 18th - Baseball Practice Starts; 9:30 AM - Math Contest at Mineral Point HS; 7PM at IGEMS - Rm 100 NHS Induction Ceremony

March 19th - 9:15 AM Jostens Rep at HS to deliver senior grad items and meet with Junior class officers; 5PM SB JV v. River Valley (Away); 5PM SB Varsity v. River Valley (Away); 7 PM FFA Banquet and Annual Meeting

March 20th & 21st - FBLA/Accounting Field Trip

March 21st - FFA - UWP FFA Career Development Event Contest; 5PM SB Varsity v. Blackhawk (Away)

March 25th through 29th - Spring Break - No School

March 25th - Golf Practice Starts; 4:30 PM SB JV and Varsity Scrimmage v. Argyle (Away)

March 26th - 5 PM BB Varsity v. Belmont (Away); 5 PM SB JV and Varsity v. Lancaster (Away)

March 28th - 5 PM SB JV and Varsity v. Darlington (Home)

March 29th - 4:30 PM BB Varsity v. Southwestern (Away)

Every unit donated can save up to 3 lives

American Red Cross Blood Drive

Thursday, March 7th, 8:30am-2:30pm

Iowa-Grant High School Gymnasium

Student Council and LEO Club Sponsored Event. Come on out and save lives, visit with other community members and IG students and grab a bite to eat after in our canteen. All units collected will also be used to calculate scholarship monies for our graduating seniors. We hope to see you there!

Iowa-Grant Elementary/Middle School

2nd Grade Grandparents - You Are Invited!

Attention all Grandparents of IGEMS 2nd Graders!

WHAT: IGEMS Grandparents Day

WHEN: April 12, 2019 at 2:00 p.m.

WHERE: IGEMS Cafeteria

Look for more details to arrive home with your 2nd grader soon!

Your 2nd Grade Teachers,

Mrs. Liddicoat, Mrs. Fitzsimons, Mrs. Leix, and Mrs. Peat

IGEMS Events For March

3/11 5:15 p.m. Parent Teacher Club (PTC) Meeting - Rm 333

3/13 PBIS Assembly (Honesty & Trustworthy) - Rm 100

(8:10-8:30 Gr. 5-8, 8:45-9:10 Gr. K-2, 9:50-10:10 Gr. 3-4)

3/16 9:00-3:00 IGEMS PTC Craft Fair

3/18 Loco Motion Performance - IGEMS Gym

(9:30 Gr. 4K-4, 10:45 Gr. 5-8)

3/22 Change in Calendar to regular day of school

3/25-3/30 No School - Spring Break

Members Of 10,000 Shot Club

Congratulations to Rylee S., Alexis V, and Adrianna J. for committing their time last summer to become members of the 10,000 shot club in basketball.

PBIS Updates from IGEMS

During our most recent PBIS assemblies, teachers introduced students to February’s character traits of “fairness & sportsmanship,” awards were presented to students who demonstrated January’s character trait of “perseverance,” and Golden Luncheon tickets were given to students who were “caught doing good.” IGEMS uses PBIS to teach and recognize positive behaviors, develop solid citizenship, and create a positive school climate where students learn and grow. We’re proud of our Panthers!

First Graders Become Published Writers!

Our first graders are published writers! Earlier this year, first graders spent many weeks learning about the writing process. They used their skills to write and revise pages for a class book. Students also illustrated pictures to match their writing. Our final drafts were sent away to be bound and now we have our final product!

❤️ Kindness Matters! ❤️

As an all-school celebration, IGEMS students made Valentines with their PBIS Buddies to give to area nursing home residents. These boxes are ready for delivery! KINDNESS MATTERS! ❤️

6th Graders Race Ozobot Bits

6th Graders raced their Ozobot Bits. They did a wonderful job planning and coding their tracks to meet the requirements of the challenge and had some fun with the “competition” too!
Big picture

Third Grade Wax Museum

Third grade students will be presenting a Wax Museum on the evening of Tuesday, April 9th from 5:30-6:15 p.m. All 3rd grade students will come dressed in the clothing they wore for their homeroom presentation. The students will be in the halls around the 3rd grade area. Spectators will donate a quarter to “activate” a character (student) who will tell about their life. Please spread the word and invite family and friends to attend the 3rd Grade Wax Museum and bring lots of quarters!

Chinese New Year- Pigs in the Art Classroom!

"The Chinese New Year landed on Tuesday, February 5th and it came in with an OINK! That's right, this years animal is the Pig! First graders got to learn all about what the Chinese New Year is and all the fun festivities that go with it. They learned that the Chinese New Year changes its date every year, unlike our New Year, which happens on Dec 31st at Midnight. The Chinese New Year goes by the moon cycles and when they have reached their 24 'cycles' of the moon, then it is the New Year!

Students celebrated this by creating lanterns, which are traditionally made to light up the night sky and bring good luck. All of the students used the color red for their lantern, because red represents good fortune and joy to enter as the new year begins. They let their creativity fly as they made as many pigs as they could onto their lanterns before they were cut and turned into a 3D object! Once they were done with that, they used a traditional Bamboo brush from real bamboo and horse hair to write the character for 'pig' for their gold coin underneath the lanterns. Gold coins represent that children are given red envelopes with money from loved ones on the new year (another great tradition).

To wrap it all up, the 1st graders learned what their Chinese animal was for the year they were born and what that animal represented!

  • For those born in 2011, they are the year of the Rabbit. The rabbit represents honesty, kindness, strength and courage.
  • For those born in 2012, they are the year of the Dragon. The dragon represents steadfastness, alway truthful, mesmerizing and strong.

You can enjoy their hard work and learning of a new culture down District Drive at IGEMS!"

Milk Moola and Box Tops

The Milk Moola program ends this month. We will be sending in what we have here on March 28th and will no longer take anything after that date. Fortunately, our schools will continue to benefit when box tops are sent in. Please continue to collect those and send them in.

Lost and Found

It appears that more is being lost than found. Please come to our schools and check out the lost and found. You might find some of your children's belongings which you forgot they ever owned.

About Iowa-Grant School District

Our Mission is to work in partnership with the community to empower all student to reach their full potential as responsible individuals who strive for life-long learning to successfully compete in an ever-changing global society.