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La familia (the family)

In Unit 4, the students have been taking a look at the typical Costa Rican familia, and learning to describe their own families! I have learned quite a lot about you all through the students!

La familia real de España (the royal family of Spain)

Did you know that major changes have recently come to the Royal Family in Spain? King Juan Carlos abdicated the throne on June 18, 2014 to his son, Prince Felipe. The ceremonies have all taken place and King Felipe and Queen Letizia have taken the throne. Juan Carlos had been in power since the death of General Franco in 1975. There are many implications of this. Click here to read the BBC News account of the transfer of power.

Pureza. Espiritu. Vida.

Click here to watch an amazing video clip portraying the beauty of Costa Rica and what the students have been studying. This is what the videographer, Patrick Pierson, has to say about this video:

"This marks my third filmatic journey to Costa Rica. Each time was something different and outstanding on its own. This time out I wanted to make a concerted effort to really get intimate with the culture and individuals and their way of life."

If this video doesn't make you want to travel to Costa Rica, I don't know what will! :)

Grades and Assignments

According to our Schedule of Assignments , students should be completing Unit 4 this week.

  • For those students who have been plowing through their assignments on time, I am extremely proud. This is a rigorous course and working hard always pays dividends!
  • For those students who are behind, they need to work speedily to get caught up since this is the official midway point of the course.
  • students should be watching the gradebook daily for new grades. When feedback is left, students should respond as necessary.

Still confused about the live classes?

Are you still confused about the RLC (Required Live Classes)? Take a look at the promotional video below so you can see what your students are up to. You can also meet several of the Spanish 1 instructors in the video and hear what students are saying! Even though this video was for Fall 2014, the information applies for the summer.

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