The Cay

Shipwrecked in the ocean


This gripping book by Theodore Taylor is About Two people in a life boat a float in the sea. After there boat is shredded by German u-boat. Wait, there a island. When they make it is small be livable. As there food supply is running out there water is too. What can he do to survive. Will he survive?


This book is a gripping book that want's you to read more and that's how I felt. I would compare this book to A Week In The Woods, Crash and Heart Of A Samurai. Overall this book is than any other book because it's a hooking story line and it put's you there with them.


pages 144


published 1968


  • 'My mother was right, I thought. They had their place and we had ours. He did not really like me, or he would have taken me along. He was different .Page 11 chapter 8
  • I buried Timothy, placing stones at the head of the grave to mark it. I didn't know what to say over the grave. I said, "Thank you, Timothy," and then turned my face to the sky. I said, "Take care of him God, he was good to me." chapter 16 page page 5