Articles of Confederation

Why the articles of Confederation was made

The Articles of Confederation were the first U.S Government. It was made so weak because, they did not have that many states to support it.

The strengths of the Articles of Confederaion

1 They were able to declare war and make peace.

2 They were able to coin and borrow money.

3 They were able to detail with foreign countries and sign treaties.

4 They were able to operate post offices.

The weaknesses of the Articles of Confderation

They did not have the power to tax.

They did not have the power to enforce laws.

There was no national army or navy.

Each state could make there own paper money.

The North West Ordinance

It was an act of freedom for the U.S Government.


1 We were free from Ling George iii

2 This was the border line from the Ohio river.

3 This Government was easy to control.


1 They had not a lot of money.

2 They had no mother country to trade with.

3 They didn't know how to run a self Government.

Shay's Rebellion

Shay Rebellion was a tax enforced on farmers by law. Also it was from debt. George Washington was one of the first people to start Shays rebellion