Local News Update- Job List: Actors

What is an Actor anyway?

Actors are the people you see at theaters and in movies. They are the ones memorizing scripts and then performing to a live audience or on camera.
What is an ACTOR?

Job Growth

Do you have interest in being an actor? Well, Chances are good!

Since there is only a projected growth of 4% of actors through 2022, you have a good chance of becoming one. Now most people think if you are an actor you become an instant star like Brad Pitt. (Or 2 of my personal favorite(s) Will Smith and Kevin Hart.) But in reality you probably won't. It takes LOTS of practice, hard work, and perseverance. Most actors don't become a hot shot and make the cast on their first shot. It may take years! No pressure:)

Do you have the skills

Basic Skills Needed

  • Public speaking
  • Creativity
  • Good Memorization
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Social Skills
  • More of an Outgoing Personality
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If you do want to be an actor, then you should probably want to consider the education requirements

To be an actor you need to at least graduate college. (Technically you don't have to go to school but then no one will likely hire you.) The majority of actors actually graduate from a dramatic school.
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Average salaries

The average salaries per hour in the USA is $25. This is the same in Texas too. On the annual scale actors make around $51,000. For comparison reasons the national average is about $44,000.


Daily Activities

An actor will go through activities such as performing at live events and memorizing lines. they also have to interpret what the script writer was trying to communicate.
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Work Hours/Travel

An actor will work a very large amount of hours. Sometimes though, the hours are inconsistent. They also will travel wherever the film crew travels.
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Working Conditions/Demand

An actors working conditions will depend on where the filming is located. The physical demands for an actor is the memorize scripts A LOT and being on camera A LOT.
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