Michael Time!

by Michael Brown


Hi I am Michael, and this is my binder cover. My favorite color is gold. I was born in Minnesota and lived there for a year. Then we moved to Louisiana for two years. Also me and my family were in Hurricane Katrina. Then we moved to HERE! My favorite sport is indoor soccer. I like to play tennis in my free time. (but most of the time we don't go to the tennis courts) I have a dog named miles.

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This is a picture of Me, John Lehan, Jacob ( He is one of my older friends ), Sam, my brother which you can barely see, and the camera guy in the in the back round. We went to a Royals game that day.( and they won ) (p.s. I took John because my parents had a extra ticket.)
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Miles is here with a mohawk for halloween! We diid his hair for halloween. He is the BEST dog in the universe! He never barks (not usually), He never jumps on people, and he lays down every moment of the day. He is a black lab.


My favorite sport is indoor soccer because I like the walls so you can bounce the ball off of it. I also like the net because if you kick it too high (I don't "love"it) it would be out of bounds. One more thing is the goal, I like it if you miss it will come back back to you, and you wont get frustrated if you hit the post.


My favorite hobby is playing video games.I love to get new games, even though they might cost 60$, I will pay for it if i have enough. ( which I probably won't have ) My brother got a new game which he makes me ask him to play it. I always forget and I play it anyways, I've done that more than 20 times, he catches me after 30 minutes after I come on and he tells to play something else cause I didn't ask.

Technologic Lyrics Daft Punk


This is Technologic, my favorite song, it might be just be words being said over and over again. But its really addicting, once you hear it you it you can't stop listening to it, that's what happen when I first listened to it. Its starts out at no music in the first lyric but than it adds music after the first verse and adds more to the next.


1. My first goal is to have better handwriting by the time we get to 6th grade.

2.My second goal is to avoid getting debits but try to get a lot of credits each semester.