Nursing is one of the fastest growing occupations in the US

Nurses help patients by giving medication and care.

Nurses administrate medication to their patients. They can give all types of medicines. They can give types from pill form to liquid form in an IV. Nurses give care to their patients by checking on them. Just talking to the patients can be comforting to the patients after and before surgery. They can give care by calming their patients before their surgery. They can care for their patients if they come in the emergency room with a broken leg by distracting them from whats really happening to them.

Nurses are the patients best friends.

The nurses are the patients best friends while they are in the hospital. They are their best friends because when the patient is in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) bad things are happening to the patient. It is the nurse job to get their minds off the bad things that are happening. Sometimes doctors can be brutal and tell you the truth but a really hard truth. Then its the nurses job to comfort the patient after the doctor gives them the bad news. The nurses are also their best friends because they give them medicine. After some stuff and surgeries that happened to the paitients they need the medicine. It comforts them.

Nurses help people recover from surgery.

After sugery the patients get sent to recovery room. There the nurses then wake the patient up if they had anesthesia. They give them medicine through their IV's until they are awake enough to take a real pill. They do charts on the patients to show the doctors how the patient is doing after surgery. When the patient is woken up they ask them their pain level and if its really bad they administrate more medicine. When the patient is stable the patients can leave if they only had a minor surgery. If they had a major surgery the patients go to Med Surg and they have to spend the night until they are ready to got home.


  1. What sort of training do you need? You need your Associates or Bachelors degree. You need classes like anatomy, chemistry, microbiology. You need on the job training and clinicals in the hospitals.
  2. What skills do you need? To stay calm, multi-tasking, critical thinking, decision making, project making, project management, teamwork, people skills, intuition, dedication.
  3. Is there any room for job advanement? Yes, you can go be a nurse practitioner, a midwife, management roles, and teaching roles.
  4. What all is involved with this career? Caring for patients, calming patients, IV injections, administrating medication, pre surgical prep, post-operative care.
  5. What is the job outlook and salary? The outlook is 26% by 2020 and the median salary is $66,220.
  6. Why do you want to go into this career? Because I want to help people and care for them.
  7. What might people not know about this career? It's a dirty job. You can get bodily fluids over you. Nurses have to be very smart and nurses are just as important as doctors are.
  8. What does a day in life in nursing look like? You get to work and you get the reports on all your patients for the day. You do round and check on all your patients and care for their needs. You fill out paperwork and charts about all the patients. You continue doing your rounds. There is many different types of jobs when you get into nursing so what you do will change depending on what your job specializes in.
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