Fall 2014 Online


The purpose of this course is to explore and understand the remarkable letter of Paul to the Roman Church. This epistle has influenced people in extraordinary ways over the centuries and remains a powerful statement of the human dilemma and the gospel solution. Over the next seven weeks, we'll explore the structure, message, and relevance of this remarkable letter.

Please familiarize yourself with our syllabus and introduce yourself to your classmates in the Introductions Forum. I want to draw special attention to the forum labeled "Ask the Librarian." This link not only contains the Library Guide with all kinds of resources for doing research in Bible & Theology subjects, but it also is a place where you can ask any questions about how to do research or how to locate reliable sources for writing your papers. Andrew Tweet, one of our WJU librarians, is linked to this forum and will answer any and all of your questions - so be sure to utilize this resource.

I'm looking forward to our journey together!

David Timms, Ph.D.