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Week of April 18, 2016

My thought for today...

"We challenge you to join us in the fight to save our world's most endangered cognitive species --- PASSIONate learners." ~ Angela Maiers from The Passion-Driven Classroom

Announcements for this week

New DME Members

This week...

Welcome to DME:

PE Teachers (splitting the day):

  • Coach Lindsay Fallen - she will teach at DME 7:30-12:00 and then report to Heritage High School for afternoon teaching and coaching assignments.
  • Coach David Gaskamp - he will teach at DME 12:00-2:00. He has morning teaching assignments and afternoon coaching assignments at Heritage High School.
  • Angela Hayes - Angela joins us from Longbranch Elementary and she will be an special education inclusion para at DME

In near future - we will be working on finalizing some other positions: sped teacher, sped para, PE para, and ISS/Tech para.

LAUNCH - A.J. Juliani - Coming in May

I will be purchasing some for our professional library - but, this looks like a GREAT professional book to read.

LAUNCH: Using Design Thinking to Boost Creativity and Bring Out the Maker in Every Student.

A message from AJ himself!

Global Day of Design is coming soon.

Here's a free, design thinking design challenge that your students can complete in a single day. Need a creative alternative to watching a movie on the last day of a quarter? Looking for something innovative to do when you're finished testing? This free design challenge might just be perfect for you.

Design Thinking Challenge: Create A Sport Using Only These Items (zip file)

Let us know how you use it using the hashtag #GDD16

Also, we'd love for you to sign up your class on this Google Form so we know how many students and educators are taking part in the Global Day of Design (should only take one minute): SIGN UP YOUR CLASS HERE

Finally, if you are looking to use Snapchat during the Global Day of Design, I've put the PNG file of our Snapchat Geo-filter that you can use as a template to create your own geo-filter for your school during #GDD16 (it's way below)!


A.J. Juliani and John Spencer

The Pirate Dave Burgess - How Will You End Your Year?

Dave blogged this week - a solid message from him as we begin to close on this school year and get excited about a very NEW adventure. Dave kicked us off pirate style back in August - let's finish pirate style!

A Resource from Angela Maiers

Thanks to a tweet from Shannon Henderson, this showed up on my Twitter feed!

Setting Up Your Genius

Maker Education and Social-Emotional Development

A thought-provoking article on the makerspace movement, which is related to the vision of DME.

The Passion Gap -

“Nothing great in the World has been accomplished without passion.” — Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, German philosopher, 1832 Read More

Kinder RoundUp Info

Kinder RoundUP has been BUZZING this week - they are keeping Caleen busy! As of "McClatchey Mail Press Time" we have had 40 kinder enrollees! I'm sure we'll have more this afternoon and several tomorrow.

Kinder Camp night is next Tuesday, April 26th at 6:30 - Admin Boardroom - Kinder teachers will be on hand to lead this informational night. Looking forward to it!


If you checked out a Genius Hour resource book back in March, please bring for BOOK SWAPPING at our social in May.

Let's get together!

DME Staff Social - Wednesday, May 4th at 3:30 p.m. at the MISD Admin Building - 100 Walter Stephenson Road - Boardroom. If you have kiddos at MISD daycare, you might want to make arrangements for pick up since we won't start until 3:30. If you are joining us from out of district, please join us as fast as you can.

Interested in Being a LID? (Lead Instructional Designer...AKA Lead Teacher)

LID Applications are due Friday, April 22 at 3:30 p.m. Any teacher currently serving in MISD may apply.

Find Application Here

Want a cute shirt?

The Details

Opening August 2016 as Midlothian ISD's seventh elementary school, Dolores W. McClatchey Elementary is 93,000 square feet on 12 acres.