Pandamania and Scarletmania

Monique Zamora

Endangered Animals

I am doing my project over endangered animals.Most animals are on the endangered list because theie habatats are being taken from them.Just so that we can build Malls, Towns,Cities etc.The ones that caught my eye were the Panda and the Scarlet Macaws.Pandas were on the endangered animals list because people take their primary food source Bamboo to make products.The Scarlet Macaw was on the endangered animals list because we would kill them for the beautiful colorful feathers.

Here is my google form.

Some of the thing associated with the project

Conclusion about my topic.

After doing my research I came to the conclustion that if we could get the San Diego Zoological Socity to help most of the animals.We could have most of the animals that have already gone extinct.If we take care of the animals that are on the earth right now.Our kids kids could see them and enjoy all the wounder that the earth carries.