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3 year old German Shorthair Pointer mix

At 44 pounds, Trooper is a handsome, energetic adult dog, and he is on the small end of the big dog scale. With a chocolate coat, white markings and a strong jaw line, his German shorthair pointer lineage seems the dominant part of his breed mix.

Trooper is hoping very hard for his forever home. Because Trooper came into the city shelter as a stray, we don't know a lot about his early life. But we know that he seems to like humans. Some volunteers think he may warm up most quickly to women.

Hard work on his leash skills has paid off for Trooper, and he likes to go for a walk -- but he's never too happy to get back into his kennel.

Trooper is also not too keen on other dogs. He really wants to be your only dog. And definitely cats are not creatures Trooper wants to be friends with.

Interaction with people is definitely high on Trooper's list of wants, although sometimes he is a bit shy and stiff until he gets a chance to know you. But he may seek a visitor's friendly pat at his kennel gate. Just look at those eyes. And he loves to sit down for a real petting session once you are "in" with him. (Treats are always welcome.)

The ideal home for Trooper may be with active adults who can give him the regular attention and exercise he craves. And, of course, it needs to be a home without any cats.

It should be noted that Trooper has tested positive for heartworms. It's a treatable condition, and the cost is covered by APA! donors! You can read about heartworm treatment here:

Unfortunately, Trooper has been waiting at our shelter for several months, and he really needs a forever home soon. We think that he will make a good transition when he leaves the stress of shelter life behind and becomes part of a forever family.

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Trooper was taken off of the euthanasia list, so if you adopt him, you are saving not only him, but also the next dog Austin Pets Alive! can save in his place!

To find out how you can take Trooper home with you, reply to this ad and an APA! volunteer will be happy to help you! To meet Trooper today, click here to see where he'll be:

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