Digital Citizenship

Technology is everywhere

This is important

You can use technology for many things that make you a good digital citizen. For example lots of people use it for work and fun.
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It is also good to have a good behavior on the internet because if you don't you could hurt people. If you hack someone think how would it feel if you got hacked you would be hurt would you.
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communication has changed over the years and it all started with a newspaper. Today we have lots of ways to communicate such as e-mail, Skype, google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Snap-Chat. See how we have changed over the years it went to newspapers to Facebook. You also have to think about what you post because everyone can see it. But if you set it to private only the people you want to see it we see it.
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It is also good to have a safe password and make sure to tell no one what you password is. For example if someone got in to your account then they could text your friends and change your profile.
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