Extended Campus Learning

Second Semester, January - May 2021

Dear Families,

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Westside Community Schools is offering an at-home learning option for all students, Extended Campus Learning. Up until this point, we have guaranteed extended campus learning through the end of first semester. Today, we are committing to offer extended campus learning through the end of the school year.

Families will indicate if they want to participate in extended campus learning for second semester through an application process.

  • The application window for 7th to 12th grade students is now closed.

  • The application is open for PK-6th grade students November 10 through December 1. The link is at the end of this newsletter.

  • Extended campus learning applications will be reviewed at the building level before a student is granted extended campus learning placement for second semester. Students and families may be required to attend a meeting (virtual or in person) with a building representative before placement is approved.

This application MUST be completed for any family planning to learn from home second semester, including those who are currently extended campus learners.

For students physically attending school, in-person learning for the second semester will begin for all students on January 5th. Families planning on learning at school do NOT need to complete any paperwork or this application. Today's message pertains ONLY to families who want to learn from home second semester. Please continue reading for important changes to programming and delivery of instruction at each level.

During the first semester, we were flexible with families because it was a new model and there were some unknowns. Because we are making changes to the extended campus model that involve staffing allocations, once a family chooses a placement for the second semester, no changes will be made for the rest of the school year.

Student Responsibilities During Extended Campus Learning

  • Log in to the classroom website (SeeSaw, Google Classroom, or Blackboard) daily to access videos, learning activities (assignments), and feedback.

  • Turn in assignments according to teacher-assigned due dates.

  • Connect with teachers at assigned times during the traditional school day.

  • Check school email daily and respond appropriately.

  • Establish a space in the home to focus on and complete assignments.

  • Establish a safe space in the home to safely secure the school-issued device when not in use.

  • Communicate with the teacher when there are questions or concerns.

Successful Extended Campus Learners

With our extended campus learning model first semester, we identified characteristics of successful extended campus learners. An extended campus student should be:

  • Independent
  • Focused
  • Comfortable with technology
  • Working from an identified space for learning during the school day
  • Supported by an adult at home during the day

Family Responsibilities During Extended Campus Learning

  • Establish a space in the home for your student to focus on and complete assignments

  • Ensure that your student logs in the classroom website daily to access materials and assignments; monitor assignment completion & online behavior

  • Assist your student in organizing time and materials for at-home learning, including attending scheduled live learning events

  • Communicate with the teacher when there are questions or concerns

Big picture

Elementary Extended Campus Learning

Teachers from each grade level have been selected to serve as the grade level video lesson creators. These teachers will create videos of the core content lessons for the grade, approximately 90 lessons for each content area (one for each day of second semester). Classroom teachers, instead of using WebEx for live instruction, will distribute the pre-made video lessons for at-home learners at the start of each week. The extended campus learner will continue learning at the same pace as the students attending class. Key characteristics of this plan include:

District Provided

  • Daily video lessons tied to each content area

  • Time and support for teachers to create video content and its accompanying resources

  • A technology help desk available for daily technology support during the school day

  • A curriculum help desk is available for students during the day

  • Opportunities for extended campus learners to form their own community through WebEX

  • A contract for parents to commit to the parameters of extended campus learning

Classroom teacher provided

  • Conduct regular classroom activities without live WebEx for core curriculum areas

  • Students will be invited to log onto WebEx during various times during the week for activities and experiences such as social emotional learning and classroom peer work

  • At minimum, extended campus students will spend at least 15-30 minutes per day with their original classroom peers and teacher(s). SEL lessons, morning check-ins, class meetings, read alouds, pledge of allegiance, monthly celebrations, “friend for the day”, virtual lunch with a friend, and guest speakers will be typical times for these

  • Assignments will generally be what in-person students receive and lessons will include video links, activities, and other learning resources

  • Teachers have choice as to whether they would rather use their own or district recorded lessons and assignments

  • Assignments will continue to be on Google Classroom or SeeSaw for live and Extended Campus learners

  • Assignments from specials teachers will continue to be provided in their current format by accessing the lesson on the specials website

Elementary extended campus learners will learn in this format in both green mode. If the district were to transition to red mode, the student would join his/her class online daily for instruction.


  • Regular services that are provided by Special Education, Excellence in Youth, Band/Strings, English Language Learners, and others will continue to be offered in a remote setting. Regularly scheduled check-ins would continue on WebEX.


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Secondary Extended Campus Learning

Courses at Westside Middle School, Westside High School, and Westside West Campus will be delivered in one of the modes listed below. The mode of delivery will be dependent upon the number of students who are approved to participate in extended campus learning, and will be determined by the school.

  1. 100% Extended Campus Class. When possible, extended campus learners will be scheduled into a section of a course with all extended campus learners. The student will follow his/her regular schedule and log on daily at scheduled times for class. This will only happen in cases when there at least 20 extended campus students enrolled in the course.
  2. Teacher-Developed Online Class. Students will participate in a mostly online course, facilitated through Google Classroom or Blackboard. New information will be provided to students through videos, recorded slideshows, EdPuzzles, reading assignments, etc. Additionally, teachers may require students to log in to class through WebEx during specific class times, such as large groups, guest speakers, or graded discussions. At a minimum, teachers will connect “live” with extended campus students one time per week. Students will complete the same assignments as their in-class peers.
  3. WebEX Into a Live Class. Students will take a mostly live course alongside in-class peers. In these courses, students will be required to log in through WebEx daily to participate in class. Teachers will release students from class when appropriate
  4. Program-Developed Online Class (WHS/ WWC only). Some courses require hands-on experiences or pose other challenges for extended campus learning, and extended campus learners registered for these courses will be removed from the course. Students at WHS will have an option to pick up a self-contained, online elective on the Odysseyware platform to make up the credits for graduation, if needed.

Westside Middle School Notes: At Westside Middle School, extended campus learners may be assigned to teacher(s) on a different team. Additionally, there will be a focus on the core classes (English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies) and limited elective offerings will be available. Please see THIS LIST for more information.

Westside High School Notes: At Westside High School, not all courses will be offered, due to the nature of the course. Please see THIS LIST to see the courses that will NOT be available to extended campus learners second semester.

In addition to these courses, learners will log in through WebEx daily for SPARK (Middle School Homeroom) and WHS Homeroom, where attendance will be taken.

For secondary extended campus students, there will be no change in teacher or student schedule based on green, yellow, or red mode.