By: Noelle Naito

Background information

Panama is located between Colombia and Costa Rica, ( 9 degrees N, 80 degrees West). Panama use to be controlled by the Spanish and Colombia. Then On November 28, 1821, Panama became independent. Their official language is Spanish. Some physical features are Panama Canal, Cordeilla Central, and Gatuan Lake.
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Panama's type of government is Constitutional Democracy. Their leader is Juan Carlos Verela. This countries has good terms ( allies) such as USA, Taiwan, and the EU. The currency is Paramanian Balboa. Their economic system is Capitalist. Panama import Fuel products, medicines, vehicles, iron and steel rods, and cellular phones from US, China, Costa Rica, and Mexico. They export gold, bananas, shrimp, sugar, iron and steel waste, pineapples, and watermelons. They export goods from US, Canada, Costa Rica, Netherlands, Sweedan, China, and Italy.

Tourist Information

People should definently visit Panama because it had a great variety of world- class attractions: exotic tropical rain forests, beautiful mountains, beaches etc.