Lady Bird Johnson


Lady Bird Johnson

In the fields of Texas lived a girl named Claudia Alta Taylor. She loved flowers and planted them all the time. She was born in Karnack,Texas on December 22,1912.When Claudia was five her mother died.After her mother’s death Claudia’s aunt came and looked after her. When she was little a neighbor told her about her mother. She told her before her mother’s death her mother was in a white dress barefoot running down the driveway to meet her husband as she carried a bouquet of Blue Bonnets.

Later she got married to Lyndon B. Johnson. Her main focus was mostly her husband’s career,but she wanted a family.She became pregnant but miscarried each time.Finally she had a daughters named Lynda Bird Johnson and Luci Baines Johnson.

Lady Bird Johnson was an author of a book called A White House Diary She Kept this diary while her husband was the 36th President of the United States.

Lady Bird Johnson was remembered for making the U.S. a prettier place. She has been a role model for people all over the U.S. She would plant plenty of gardens around the U.S.She also showed her children how to plant flowers in hopes they would show others. Most importantly she made a Wildflower Research Center!