TCEA 2018 -

Innovate Learning, TRANSFORM The Future

Day 4 - Still Hangin' In There

Day four was another busy day, but I learned a lot and I'm pushing through to tomorrow. Actually the best learning I did today was about TexQuest which houses SO MANY resources for our library. We have tons of stuff in there that you guys might find useful, but it's overwhelming there is so much. So I'll share that stuff with you in chunks at a later date when we can all handle it!
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My Journey Of Discovery Activity

I got to attend a social hosted by Discovery Education, and I saw an interesting presentation strategy that could totally be used in the classroom. So what happens is you give the presenters (which would be your students or yourself) 5 minutes to talk about 10 photos they choose ahead of time. The photos are put on a PowerPoint or Google Slides Presentation that automatically advanced every 30 seconds. These photos are supposed to be photos of things they are passionate about or about themselves. It has a very powerful effect on the audience and instantly connects people who don't even know each other. Some of the presentations were hilarious, some were funny, some were interesting. It all depended on the person who choose the photos. Regardless of the tone it instantly connected all of us. I could see it being great for the beginning of the year getting to know you part of the school year.

Spell With Flickr

This is a fun program lets you enter a message, title, etc. and then finds letter images from Flickr to spell it out. Once it generates the message you can click on individual letters to change them to something else if you don't like them. When you get the message like you want, you can snip them (I don't see a way to download it) or copy and paste the embed code if you were adding it a website.

**Thank you to Emily Meisel for sharing this with me. She initially found it!

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Sue From Playposit Says Hi!

I ran into Sue (our original Playposit go to girl)! She said to tell all of you hi, and that Playposit can't wait to show us the new features they are adding for next school year!

Circuit Scribe

Circuit Scribe is a company that focusing on products and curriculum to teach kids about electronics. They have these conductive pens that allow kids to actually draw circuits...see picture to the right. On their website you can browse through the resources and products they offer. They even have a good workbook for project ideas that like $15.00

Historical Conquest Card Game you know how kids play those card games where the characters on the cards have different powers and can defeat other characters in the card deck? I never did play those games but tons of kids do. This company banks on that and they have created decks of cards except the characters on the cards are REAL historical figures and their powers are based on REAL historical facts about that person. Pretty cool, and if you get kids to play this they actually learn the history behind them. I personally bought the two starter decks for my son Trinity.