VCR Lesson 4

Laura Perrone

Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word from lesson 4

Fort Sumter is a famous _________ that defended soldiers in the civil war and served as the site of the first shots of the Civil War.


n. A small fort defending an important point

A place of refuge or defense


Redoubt comes through French and Italian from a Latin verb reducere meaning "to lead back" *its the same verb that gives us reduce

*Does not have anything to do with doubting!






Protective barrier


Open land

Somewhere that is not defended or protected

Chose the correct letter of the sentence that uses the word CORRECTLY.

1) The redoubts she had of her ability to raise her math grade caused her to cry.

2) The redoubting soldiers had little hope at the end of the war.

3) Kathryns awful field hockey tryouts caused to her redoubt all of her athletic abilties.

4) Anna used the closet as a redoubt when she heard the intruder enter the house.

Answer: D

1) doubts

2) not an adjective, doubtful

3) doubt