"Maccabi Tzair" movement

Yuval Oz


In 1929 the decision to establish the "Maccabi Tzair" movement with sports associations.

The youth movement has themes of campsite glide culture current events along with physical activity.

In 1933 it was decided to establish the "Maccabi Tzair" movement in Israel. Since established branches in many towns in the country.

The "maccabi Tzair" Members Took a significant part in the struggle for the establishment of the State, enlisted in the Palmach framework and established settlements such as Kfar Maccabi and Kibbutz hasolelim.

Over the years, the "Maccbi Tzair" movement became to education Wing and prepared the future leaders of the movement.

Why I chose this topic?

From an early age I initiation in the "Maccabi Tzair" movement, And this year I became an instructor.

I think that the values and principles of my movement are very important, And are for me a way of life. Moreover, I am proud to be the one who passes them to the the future leaders of the movement.

Our events

The events taking place in the "Maccabi Tzair" movement are those who signify her other movements.