Peer Ministry Meeting Agenda

October 14, 2014

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Opening Prayer

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Daily Mass Schedule

Tuesday October 14th - OPEN

Wednesday October 15th - Camille was scheduled, will be moved to another Open day

Thursday October 16th - OPEN

Friday October 17th - NO SCHOOL

Monday October 20th - OPEN

Friday Morning Prayer

Stephanie will invite someone.

Sophomore Retreat

The Directors have put together a detailed outline with responsibilities. Go over the outline which can be found on Dropbox under the folder Sophomore Retreat and be aware of what is going on during the retreat.

Mass with Monsignor Wallace - October 29th

The Committee for this mass must have the following to Mr. Alvarado Tomorrow:

Altar Servers - 4, one from each grade level

Readers - 3-6, one for the first reading, one for the response and one to four for the prayers of the faithful.

Gift Bearers - 2-4

Altar Procession Crew - 12, three from each grade level. Each grade level will have two students bringing in the altar base, and one following with the altar cloth. 2 Teachers to bring in the altar top.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion - 10, Six Cup Bearers and 4 for the Precious Body.

Media Operator - 1 This person will train with Mr. Alvarado on how to operate the lyrics and media during mass.

Setup Crew - 6-10 Peer Ministers to set up chairs when they are delivered. (We must check with the coaches to see if we can do this the day before or if we have to wait until the morning of before school)

Breakdown Crew - All Peer Ministers are responsible for this task immediately after mass.

Be sure that you have specific names for each of these jobs, Mr. Alvarado is required to submit a detailed plan of events with everyone involved in the mass to Ms. A two weeks before the event. Please have the prayers of the faithful written as well, the theme of the mass is missions so please include a prayer for missionaries around the world.

Absences and Tardyness

It has come time that we will start having to put people who miss our meetings on probationary periods. Mr. Alvarado will meet with them personally to go over the policies and also to check and make sure everything is OK in their life and why they might be missing the meetings.

Peer Counseling Video

We have completed the script for the Peer Counseling Video, it is entitled: Good Idea Bad Idea. We need people to be part of the cast, we will briefly go over the parts and we will assign parts and schedule times to shoot the footage throughout the coming weeks. Our hope is to have this ready by the Mass on October 29th, so we need to give Mr. Alvarado ample time to edit.

Committee Break Out

Committees break out and work on Action Items for them to accomplish. Chairs will briefly visit each committee to help them establish the actions items.

Action Item Update

Committees will share what their action items are for the week.

Other Business

Closing Prayer