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National Convention Recap

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National Convention was so OWL-some and inspiring. Got to laugh, cry, share stories, and learn with other amazing owls. Beautiful new products were displayed, loved hearing "Everybody Gets One", and inspired to always be a "Force for Good".

Hoping everyone can mark their calendars for next year's convention that is scheduled for July 24-26, 2014.

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{O2 Swag Store}

Lots of fun goodies available at the O2 Swag Store. Watch for upcoming team incentives for your chance to win a few. Also per last webinar they said some items will be available starting midnight EST Friday, July 19th - mark your calendars now!

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Lots of fun new products announced. No dates given yet...just sometime this FALL!

Gold is Trending BIG right now...GO FOR THE GOLD! Wear it and you'll be surprised how many more customers will purchase gold.

{Everybody Gets One}

One of our favorite phrases from convention!!

Who doesn't love getting spoiled with FREE Product + Goodies?!?

Link Locket Bracelet, Event Exclusive O2 charm, Miracle Tag, Journey Tag, O2 Tag, 4 leaf clover tag, 3 Dangles, 10+ New Charms Sheet, Dream Big beach towel

{New Designer Kit}

New Kits now to be sent out in Professional + Fun Packaging

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  • Moving to a new location/warehouse next year
  • New Back Office system in September > Search functionality, Save Order feature, Validate Addresses, Hostess Rewards will calculate as you order, Better Team Reporting, Generate Trackable Backorders

  • New Designer Newsletter coming with tips, icebreakers, helping your hostess

{Social Media Training}

  • Avoid Spamming - post something fans are interested in not just sales pitches, join my team...
  • Build fans naturally - don't buy fans or participate in a lot of fan ladders
  • Content is King - post about success of jewelry bars, quote from a hostess, share what you love about O2
  • Engagement is Queen - No likes or shares - time to look at your strategy
  • Help them Help You - Motivational ideas, Fashion Tips, Check O2 Pinterest Page
  • Stick to a Schedule - have a Social Media Calendar that you follow
  • Have fun and be yourself

{Finding Events}

  • Talk to friends who attend local craft shows + events
  • Check with your Chamber of Commerce
  • Google/Facebook search for "your state craft show" or "your state vendor events"
  • Malls, Schools, Sports, Pageants
  • Newspaper
  • Other Direct Sales Friends

Ensure to interview the coordinator of the events

  • How long event has ran?
  • What advertising do they do?
  • How many in attendance?
  • Will you be exclusive to the event?
  • What's included in booth fee? electricity, wifi...

Know your audience - is it the right fit? Make sure your product matches the event

Are there other events going on at the same time that will increase/decrease attendance?

Go with your gut.

Follow up with any of the people that are interested within 48 hours. Have the slips for them to fill out their information so you have it to reach out to them.

{Jewelry Bar Tips}

  • One Jewelry Bar can kick off your business
  • Schedule you first - print out calendar and highlight available dates (maybe in green -- $$ making activity)
  • Have them select a date from those available, pencil them in and tell them you will follow up with them in X days. Ensure you call back on date you told them you would.
  • One tip given - on same calendar - write down the profit made at the jewelry bar and also any override earned on the 10th. Planting a seed for those booking on next available dates looking at that calendar.
  • On the Go Jewelry Bar Kit (make-up cases work well). Be prepared to have items with you and meet customer/hostess in public place to spread the buzz.
  • Post a photo or display past Hostess Rewards earned
  • If they are 'thinking' about hosting a bar, make sure they know that if they book it today the hostess can earn that 1/2 price item. Remember booking has to be entered before party is closed for hostess to earn it.

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{Earning Potential}

Above is one slide from our Experience Growth breakout session... Average Monthly Override Commissions. Override Commission is the amount you earn from your downline team sales.

Photo on the right shows #1 Director, Heidi Russell

  • $42 million in annual Team Volume / $42k Average Monthly Commission.

{Team Recognition}

Gave out a few fun awards at our Team Lunch on Friday!
  • Longest SOAR - Mary Burdick - Alaska
  • Owlet - Tatiana Wells - newest to join the team
  • OWL-some Achiever - Cathy Miller - $10k PV in one month
  • HOOTIE HOOT - Melissa Sundt - Best Cheerleader
  • OWL Star - Deanna Jordon - Consistancy, Positive Attitude
  • Booking Blitzer - Brandy Martin - booked 8 jewelry bars during blitz
  • Top Personal Volume - Shelley Sawyer - April, May, June
  • Top Team Volume - Erica Petro - May + June
  • Living The Dream - Nora O'Halloran - over 100 team members, sharing O2 love!


{Fun way to market your biz}

Several designers had bags like these at convention that had actual lockets on display in the photo pockets.

Search ebay or the internet for brag bags or window totes.

A few links other designers have found:

*NOTE: I haven't ordered from any of these places and I don't know of the quality either

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{Designer Incentive Trip}

Los Cabos Mexico - All inclusive trip for two - Feb 4-7 or 7-10, 2014


+ Earn minimum of 15,000 points to qualify

+ $1 Personal Volume (PV) = 1 Point

+ $250 Central Team Volume (CTV) = 1 Point

+ 300 designers with highest points earn trip

LINK to Flight Plan document handed out at convention.

LINK to Points Tracker excel sheet I created.

Don't forget about our {July Team Incentive}

Four team members will receive a $25 Visa Gift Card! Use it to buy additional items for your display, business materials, or treat yourself to dinner/movie/pedicure!

Any designer on this team who reaches personal volume of $99+ in the month of July will earn an entry. **Please email me at jodiocken@gmail.com when you surpass the first $99 to be entered into the drawing.**

*You will also receive one additional entry for each $250 in personal volume you reach. I will calculate any additional entries earned for those that entered. I will accept entries until end of day August 1, 2013.

To view your Personal Volume, log into the Back Office, click on Commissions, then Volumes, and it will list your Total PV for each month. End of Month is July 31st at midnight EST. If you have any questions, please let me know.

{Regional Training in Bloomington, IL}

Direct to Corporate Director Karla Savage and Tracey Vlahos - Sr. Director of Field Sales/Training will be in Bloomington, IL for a Regional Training on July 27th. Designers and DIWs are all welcome - IL, IN, MO, anyone willing to drive to us. Limited 100 capacity. Save the Date here: http://www.punchbowl.com/save_the_date/2e9ba9fb13fb36595cfa?5469447
More details coming soon.

{Team Facebook Page}

If you haven't already, come join us over on our Dream Designers Team Facebook page HERE.

This is a place to share tips, photos, successes, announcements, and training!

If you have any questions and/or issues, let's continue to bring those items up to your mentor and/or upline for resolution. (I'm your Executive Team Leader - jodiocken@gmail.com and your Director is Kristine Stevens - charmedowlsleader@gmail.com)