Why Softball Is Good

By Tianna Heiman

Physical Health

Softball provides a total body workout. This is because there is a lot of throwing, running, swinging, and fielding. With throwing you use your arms and legs to throw the ball. With running you are using your legs, hips, arms, and core. With swinging you are using your core, hips, and arms. With fielding you are using your core, legs, and arms. All of these are good because they keep you in shape, and you can live a healthier life style. Softball is also good because you are strengthening your muscle, is also good.

Mental Health

Playing softball can help you focus more. It also puts in a better moods because you are being active. Being active helps with your mental health because you think if the positives, not the negatives. Playing a sport, like softball, can keep your self-esteem up, and makes you more positive towards things. Another thing is that playing a sport makes you more relaxed and happy. It can also make depression go away. You can also reduce stress and improve your sleep if you play a sport.

Intellectual Health

Softball is good because you are more focused, and you will do better in school or at work. When playing softball you will want to learn more and get better at the sport. This is a common thing for a lot of sports. When playing you will take in what the coaches tell you, and you will use it for future reference. Another thing that softball is good at in this category, is that when someone new is in the sport you will show them what you know, and they will learn from you and increase their intellectual health.

Emotional Health

Softball keeps you more relaxed and you won't freak out over the littlest things. Another things is that you will be in a better mood, and that is good because you will be more friendly towards others. You will also see the bright side of things. When playing a sport, like softball, can keep your depression and stress levels low.