The Tangerine Times

By: Michael Reizenson

Ten Things That Have Happened in Tangerine

  • They learn about the muck fire always burning
  • Paul Fisher and his family have recently moved to Tangerine County
  • Paul Fisher tried out for the soccer team and made it
  • Mike Costello was struck by lightning and killed
  • Paul is kicked off the soccer team
  • Paul’s dad is a civil engineer
  • Paul’s mom talks to the football coach at a meeting with other parents about the football practice time
  • They meet the Costello family
  • Erik’s football dream is starting
  • Paul meets Joey Costello

Erik Fisher Football Dream Update


Erik is an excellent football player and is excelling on the team while Paul is a superb goalkeeper who was kicked off the team for his bad eyesight, however.

School Friends

Erik has made friends with Arthur, whom Paul thinks is not very kind and is scared of him as well as Erik now . Paul made friends with Joey Costello and play on the soccer team together.

Family Issues

Erik is adored by his dad for his unique football abilities while Paul feels he is being ignored. However, Paul does get attention from his parents as he as well has a talent for his sport.

Tragedy Strikes

First, Mike Costello is tragically struck by a lightning bolt at football practice, on the ever-raining field. This leads to much mourning as well as a funeral. His death inspired Paul's mom to get involved with football as she believes practice should be moved to a different time, so accidents like this won't occur again. Her effort is in vain, however, as football practice remains at the same time, though she convinced the coach to call off practice if there is lightning. Mike Costello's death led to not only mourning and grief, but changed the football team and may have prevented future incidents.

MOYA Close-Up

Paul is an adolescent teenager who is experiencing some difficulties in school such as getting booting off the soccer team for his poor eyesight. He has had some issues that have caused some things to happen, not necessarily for the better or the worse.

Issue One- Paul was unfortunately kicked off the soccer team for his poor eyesight, and the coach was concerned he would become injured and damage his eyesight even more by getting kicked in the face by a soccer ball, especially because he is a goalkeeper and is more likely to be hit in the face there than in any other position.

Issue Two- Paul has a bit of a sibling rivalry with his older brother Erik. Erik constantly is given attention and praised by his dad and others. Paul feels like he isn't being acknowledged by his dad and is hurt by it, even though he is a star goalkeeper. He wants more attention and be recognized too, instead of just Erik.

Issue Three- Another issue Paul might face is moving to a completely new place and house, and may suffer from homesickness. He also may resent Tangerine because it always rains. He also may miss his old town because of all the issues he has to face like getting booted off the soccer team, or being called Mars and being bullied because off his glasses.