Criminal Psychologist

By...Aleecia Vela


Criminal Psychologists asses the mindset of one that has committed a crime. Also, often called upon to testify in court. They also prepare reports, interview criminal defendants and make decisions on whether a criminal can stand trial.
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Job Outlook:

  • This job field is expected to grow 12% form 2012-2022. The need for this type of profession will always rise.


  • As of July of 2015 the salary pay is 60,880.

Education Requirements:

  • Doctoral degree in forensic psychology
  • The doctoral of Philosophy in Psychology of Doctor of Clinical Psychology

Working Conditions:

  • Working hours are typically 8:30 am to 5pm.
  • Part time is also available
  • This profession works at hospitals, prisons, rehab units, secure and open residential areas and police stations
  • Challenging and stressful
  • Face verbal and physical abuse