How to Find Theme


A theme is a message that you take away from a work of fiction. Many books and stories contain multiple themes. Since books are a work of art, they are open to interpretation and often different readers will find different themes in a book while reading.

How to find theme.

The theme is the main message of the story. In something like a fable, it's a simple moral; in "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", the theme would be "don't lie." In most books, however, it's considerably more complicated. Many books contain several themes. For instance, in To Kill a Mockingbird, you can find themes of coming-of-age, racism, and social justice. The only way to find the theme is to read the story, consider what the "point" of it seems to be, and back up your assertion with direct evidence from the book. Remember that everything in literature is arguable and nothing is ever fact.
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Everyone sees theme differently

Everyone can think of different themes if yours is different than other's don't worry its how you grasp the idea or concept of what is going on. Everyone's brain process's theme differently don't worry if someone think's the theme is something different than what you think it is.

Come up with a sentence about the theme

Theme isn't just one word it is a sentence. For example "love" that isn't a theme "Love makes people angry." That is a theme. It drives the writer to invent people, places, and events to create a conclusion. People may have different conclusions or themes to the same story.
How to find a theme


After reading these step's of how to find theme in a story you should have a good idea of how to find theme. Don't forget Everyone thinks differently so don't worry story's have many different theme's just one sticks out to you the most. The theme is the idea the writer expresses on that subject.