Mastery Assignment 1

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Three Blind Mice Assignment

The Three Blind Mice represent three noblemen who, despite violent prosecution, remained faithful to Protestant beliefs, which was their blindness in the rhyme. They tried to invite themselves into someone’s home but they got caught and arrested for the felony. They woke up hungry and cold next morning and they were looking for some food and had to find a public defender to get them out of jail as well as bail money to get out. Then before court they needed to do an arraignment. They were then set free until the judge told them to come in for the petit jury to hear the lawsuit and from there they would decide if they needed a grand jury. A few months later they got a subpoena in the mail issuing that they need to be present for the grand jury for their indictment a few months back. The Three Blind Mice were then walking around and saw that a farmer was eating some bread and cheese and they wanted some so they all went down on their hands and knees and squeaked, “Pray, give us a morsel, please”. They then got some and made noises because they were happy. The farmer’s wife then came in wondering why they were there and brought in a cat to chase them out. They then jumped out onto the window ledge and hid themselves in the hedge and the police were called on them once again but they got away. The next day in court the jury was present, the judge, the defendants and the witness. The Three Blind Mice were begging for appeal and it did work out in their favor and therefore a plea bargaining did not have to be arranged and they were released and if changed again for another problem, they would be arrested and put into jail. A few days later they sought a Chemist and found a friend; he gave them some “Never too late to mend”. Their tales began to grow and their sight began to come back. Then they began to do crimes such as attempting a plot against the Queen, but unfortunately got caught. All three were convicted, arrested right away for perjury. A verdict then burned them at the stake at the cruel hand of Bloody Mary.