Bad Credit Business Loans

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Bad Credit-No Problem!

Shield Funding makes applying for bad credit business loans easy. Fill out our simple apply form in less than a minute. One of our consultants will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your approval options. You can also call (888) 882-6117 to apply or just find out more information.


There are NONE! That is the advantage of bad credit business loans. Some clienys with a credit score under 500 can receive funding. These business loans are based on monthly gross revenues so credit history plays a very small role in the approval process.

How Bad Credit Business Loans are Structured

We base approval amounts using monthly revenues. We look at three to six months of revenue, both cash and/or credit card processing statements and we can approve roughly one to two times earnings. We then establish a comfortable payment plan deducting a small percentage of revenues as they are generated until the loan is paid back.

About Shield Funding

Shield Funding is a leading supplier of business loans to people who own an operate businesses. We provide business loans in all 50 states and offer applicants a variety of funding options. Our main products include unsecured business loans, business cash advances, small business loans for women, working capital loans, ach loans, and a several other funding options for bad credit.