Levelland ISD Newsletter

February 10, 2021

Superintendent Northern's Message

Good morning everyone,

I hope everyone is having a great week. I also hope everyone is prepared for the winter blast we are about to experience. I stopped by United yesterday morning, at 7:00 am, and noticed two people sitting outside wrapped in blankets. They appeared to be homeless. Knowing that this extreme cold weather is approaching, it weighed heavy on my heart hoping they will find shelter over the next few days. It also made me think of just how important it is to provide an education to our students so they have an abundance of opportunity in their futures. What you are doing everyday is so important for our students and I want to thank you for that.

Hope everyone enjoys their long weekend and stay warm!

Jeff Northern,

LISD Superintendent


We are Spotlighting our Loboettes!

Our Loboette's are Pete Christy's KCBD Hoop Madness Team of the Week! In their matchup against Estacado, the Loboettes beat the Lady Mats 82-45 on senior night. They secured the district 3-4A title and head into the playoffs with a (24-0) overall record and (10-0) in district. The Loboettes will face Dumas in the bi-district round Friday in Vega at 6 pm.


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On LISD campuses....................

National School Counseling Week

Last week our LISD campuses recognized our School Counselors during National School Counseling Week! Each counselor adds a unique contribution to help students develop the academic and social skills needed to succeed in school and later in life. Beyond supporting the social and emotional needs of students, our counselors also help students explore their interests and potential career options. If you see your counselor, give them a fist bump. We would say a hug, but not this year! We love all seven of our counselors and appreciate the impact they make on our kids!
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Destination Imagination Compete Virtually

The LISD Destination Imagination Teams were spotted plotting their skills, preparing to compete in their competition. Of course, this year, the DI competitions are virtual. Students had time to plan, and then they separated into different rooms with no teacher or help and Zoomed their competition! It was already hard enough, and not being together to feed off one another made it even harder. These dedicated students understand the importance that DI has in their education and they are the overachievers. Merribeth Henry Gregory heads up the DI program, with Coaches on each campus, giving LISD students invaluable 21st-century skills, creative outlets, and the confidence needed to succeed in school, their careers, and beyond. DI students participate in project-based challenges that are designed to build confidence and develop extraordinary creativity. They learn critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills needed to be successful. DI focuses on learning and hands-on STEAM concepts. It teaches students how to think, not what to think, and energizes students to own all decisions, creations and results, motivates teamwork, and celebrates diversity. LISD has DI Teams from K through grade 12. We cannot wait to see how these virtual DI Teams fair and to see how far they go!
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LMS Educator Publishes Article

Sharon LeighAnn DeMerritt Garcia is a new science teacher at LMS and has published an article found in the BioOneComplete.org Database. When Mrs. Garcia was at Wayland University, she was part of the Bird Nerds that did avian research across Hale and Floyd Counties. One day she found a Peregrine Falcon that had died due to flying into a barb wire fence. Since Peregrine Falcon's were once considered endangered, the falcon being impaled was significant. She, Sara VanDerLeek, and Andrew Kasner worked on this publication for almost a year and a half. It was finally published in the December edition of the Southwestern Association of Naturalists. She gave us access to read the article in the link below. Congratulations on being at the great LMS campus and congrats too on being published! We know that Mrs. Garacia will bring new knowledge to our LMS students!

ABC Students Keep Levelland Beautiful

LABC students from Mrs. Victoria Jones and Mrs. Amanda Russell's classes took a field trip to Lobo Lake to beautify Levelland. This activity of picking up litter helped teach these littles that it can be fun, that it's simple and free, that you can make Levelland look better, and that you are giving the animals a better place to live. We appreciate these ABC littles for putting in the extra effort and doing good around Levelland! Thank you, Mrs. Jones and Russell for teaching your students to care! Keep Levelland Beautiful took notice and are pleased to say that they are taking goodies as rewards to these kids.....hard work pays off! Thank you, Levelland Chamber and KLB!

LMS ACE Learn About Civil Servants

LMS ACE students were treated to guest speakers last week! Because of the recent misconceptions of police and civil servants, ACE Coordinator Mr. David Adkins had Levelland Police and EMS come to visit with the students about their career choices so that students will be more comfortable around uniformed people and understand how important they are to us. Officer Emilio Miranda spoke and explained that there has been a lot of bad press about police but that they are here to protect everyone from harm and keep order for a peaceful way of life. EMT Justin Mendez also spoke and showed how his job is to save lives, but his job success relies on the police and the firemen. They all work together. Thank you, Mr. Adkins, for having these incredible guest speakers explain why their civil servant jobs are so vital to our community!

100 Days of Learning!

On LISD'S 100th Day of school last Friday, students were caught counting to 100 at ABC, reading 100 books and doing physical activity every 100 minutes at South, and using creative skills with the number 100 at Capitol! It's hard to tell who enjoyed it the most- students or teachers? It was a great day to learn!

Simplifying Fractions with Conversation Hearts

LIS students in Mrs. Black & Mrs. Turrentine’s 4th-grade math classes completed a fun activity with fractions using Valentine's conversation hearts. The students had to count their total which became the denominator. They then separated the hearts by color & put that number as the numerator. Once they had completed that task, they had to simplify their fractions! Once all students were finished with the fraction challenge, they all enjoyed their Valentine's conversation heart treats! What a fun way to tie in math with real-life objects! Thank you, Mrs. Turrentine and Mrs. Black! LISD is proud to have you as educators!

HEB Excellence in Education Award

Please help us or your campus win an HEB Excellence in Education Award. You can vote once a day throughout February. It's easy with an email address. Thank you in advance!


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