Battle of the Alamo

Victory or defeat?

So, how long was this battle?

Although the battle itself only lasted 90 minutes, it was the culmination of a 13-day siege by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna's troops against the outnumbered inhabitants of the fort.

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Frequently asked questions..

Q : Who won?

A : Mexicans

Q : How long was the battle?

A : 90 minutes followed by a 13-day siege (February 23 - March 6 1836)

Q : How big was the attacking force?

A : Santa Anna had his units march 2 days apart. It was about 1,400 in battle.

Q : Where was the battle located?

A : At the Alamo

Who fought at the Alamo and how was it caused?

Mexicans against the Republic of Texas. Santa Anna's siege of the Alamo was part of the Texas War of Independence in 1835. Americans immigrating into Texas had no great love of Santa Anna and many of them wanted to actually unite Texas with the US, but they would accept Texas independence if the US wouldn't annex the territory. At the same time, many of the "native" Mexicans (called Texicans at the time) also did not like Santa Anna's government in Mexico City and felt it to be oppressive. The American immigrants and Texicans eventually united to fight against Mexican oppression.

Santa Anna responded by sending his army north to crush the rebellion, and many of the Texans found that they did not have the manpower to fight the Mexican Army that Santa Anna had raised and quickly searched for some structure they could use as a fort. They found an old Spanish mission in San Antonio, the Alamo and held out there for reinforcements and more supplies