The neuschwastien castle

Alexis grove

Castle Facts

It's a popular castle in Germany

It was created in 1869

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It was created by King Ludwig II and Christian Janis helped lake it a place for the king to get away from the public, the king died before it was completed and the first year someone lived in the castle was was in 1886. The land and weather made it difficult to finish
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More castles

King Ludwig II built three other castles and formal gardens. Llnderhof, was built in 1878 and had three formal gardens.Munich resident palace Royal apartment was created in 1867 and demolished in 1897. Herrenchimsee began construction 1878 and contributed to Louise XIV
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One of the most visited sites and Walt Disney used the design for sleeping beauties castle and over 1.4 million people visit each year
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The castle is well know both in Germany and the United States and its one of the biggest castles in history