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October 5th, 2019

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear CDS Community,

I'd like to begin by thanking the many parents who attended our information session on Thursday. I hope the meeting left you with a clearer understanding of our goals with the new Flex time program. Already we are seeing excellent results, and we believe Flex will have an even greater impact on our students' academic and personal development over time. CDS teachers are eager to help each of your children achieve their potential.

I also hope Mr. Biarje was able to answer your questions about the World Language progression. I've included the presentation slides below for anyone who was not able to attend. Please reach out if you have further questions.

We have a very active week ahead of us with a 6th Grade musical performance on Wednesday, a 5th and 7th grade field trip to the Seoul Botanical Gardens on Thursday, and finally We Run Cheongna on Friday.

As the weather is getting colder, we want everyone to stay healthy! I noticed a lot of sniffling and sneezing on campus recently. Please encourage your children to get plenty sleep in the coming weeks and wash their hands often.

Have a great weekend!

Benjamin Scoville

Director of Middle School

Parent Information Session #1

  • What is Flex Time? How will it help my child grow academically and personally?
  • Q&A regarding changes to our World Language Progression.
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[Upcoming Events]

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Upcoming Musical Performances!

As the end of Term 1 in on the horizon, the MS has a handful of performances to showcase. All parents are welcome to attend the following performances:

On behalf of the 6th grade classes, we would like to invite you to our Traditional Korean Music Performance. The performances will be on Wednesday, October 9 in Dalton Hall. The performance will start at 2:10pm. We will also have a guest 풍물놀이 team perform.

6학년 학생들의 한국 전통음악 공연은 10월 9일 (수요일) 오후 2:10에 Dalton Hall에서 진행될 예정입니다. 또한 인천 서구립 풍물단원분들이 게스트로 오셔서 또 다른 공연을 펼쳐주실 예정입니다.

On behalf of the 5th grade classes, we would like to invite you to our SE Asian Shadow Puppet Shows. The performances will be in the Small Theater at the following times:

이에 저희는 여러분을 5학년 학생들의 동남아시아 음악 그림자 인형극 공연에 초대합니다. 공연은 Small Theater에서 아래 시간에 진행될 예정입니다.

-5A: Monday, October 14th @ 2:00pm (The Festival Journey)

-5B: Tuesday, October 15th @ 11:45am (For the Love of Animals...and Each Other)

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Author Visit

On Wednesday, November 13, 2019, author and illustrator Marissa Moss will visit CDS Middle School.

We would like to offer the opportunity for you to purchase some of Marissa Moss's books before her visit at a discounted price through Kids Book Sejong. (Please note: The book, Caravaggio: Painter on the Run, is provided directly by the author and quantities may be limited.)

Students can bring the books to school to get them signed by the author during her visit.

To ensure that the books arrive in time, we must receive all orders and payments by Wednesday, October 9. Please click the button below to order the books!
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[This week around CDS MS]

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High Four Math Competition

On September 19th the Mathlete students participated in Round 1 of the High Four math competition. There were 30 total teams that participated in the 4th-5th-grade division and 56 teams in the 6th-8th-grade division. I am very proud of all the students and feel they gave such a great effort! Below are the results for CDS:

3rd place team for 6th-8th grade

Yejin Bu

Yuchien Chang

Bea Kim

7th place team for 4th-5th grade

Dorothy Seo

Jaehyun Sha

Sophia Sung

8th place team for 6th-8th grade

Sky Ha

Joshua Lee

Daniel McCarthy

6th place team for 6th-8th grade

Yunhao Chang

Sanghyuk Kim

Bella Lee

Sebin Lim

11th place team for 6th-8th grade

Ivette Jin

Ivonne Jin

Shine Lee

Sieon Park

Paleolithic to the Neolithic Age: Social Studies

This week in 5th grade Social Studies, our students are hard at work creating a comic book that illustrates how ways of life changed over time; from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic Age. To understand the drastic changes that occurred because of the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture, students explored topics ranging from food supply, shelter, community, jobs, and trade.

- Mr. Thach

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Learning to do Burpees in Cross-Fit CC

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Grade 5 ELA with Mr. Cavasin

Ms. Maguire brought her high school students into Mr. Cavasin's class to interact with students and support their mutual learning goals.
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Learning by Doing - Set Design in Drama

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Algebraic Bingo in Math!

This week in mathematics, students in grades seven and eight have been learning and reviewing how to solve algebraic equations. Students’ competitive nature was evident as they demonstrated their mastery of solving single-step equations by competing in games of Algebraic Bingo, which was enjoyed by all and is a regular favorite activity in class.

- Ms. Black

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Grade 5 Learn Building Trust in Long House

MS KAIAC Athletics (Fall Season)

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10/5 Girls Soccer @CI

10/9 Grade 6 - Musical Performance @2:10pm, Dalton Hall

10/10 G5&7 Science Field Trip - Seoul Botanic Garden

10/11 We Run Cheongna (1/2 Day)

10/12 Badminton @CDS

10/12 Girls Soccer @YISS

10/12 Boys Soccer @SIS

10/12 G5 X-Country @KIS

10/13 Arirang Festival Performace @Gwanghwamun

10/14 5A Shadow Puppet Show @2pm, Small Theater

10/15 5B Shadow Puppet Show @11:45am, Small Theater

10/19 Boys Soccer @SFS

10/21 Faculty Prep Day (NO School)

10/23 Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) @14:00-20:00 (1/2 Day)