West News Update

March 2016

West's Character Education Focus

West has recently begun a character education program known as Project Wisdom. Character education is an intentional effort to help students understand, care about, and act upon core ethical values. Students with good character are caring, just, and responsible. They have developed an internal motivation to do their best and to contribute to the world around them. Good character education improves social and emotional competencies as well as academic performance.

The Project Wisdom program is one of the oldest and most respected character education programs in the nation. The centerpiece of the program is a series of thought-provoking inspirational messages that are narrated over the public address system. These brief daily messages known as “Words of Wisdom” provide a message that uplift and promote a more positive and effective school climate. West encourages students to volunteer to read these words as part of our morning announcements. Check with your child to see what they think about this program!

Recognizing Positive Student Behaviors

The Dawg Shop

West Middle School has recently implemented a system of positive behavior supports to help encourage respectful and helpful behaviors at West. The cornerstone of our system is “Dawg Bones”, which are tickets that are issued when a school faculty member witnesses a student behaving in a way that helps improve school climate and culture.

Every Friday students can spend their Dawg Bones at our school store, appropriately named the “Dawg Shop.” In the Dawg Shop, students can buy school supplies, trinkets, and treats. They can also use their bones to enter into a number of weekly or monthly raffles.

Weekly we raffle off the chance to spend a lunch period in our VIP Gaming Lounge, where a lucky student and 3 friends can play video games, eat snacks, and have a great time. Monthly we are raffling off bicycles, which are donated to West by the Canyon County Bicycle Project.

So far, this program has been a great success! Students are showing increased positive behaviors, and many Dawg Bones are being spent in the Shop!

Visit with your student to see how many Dawg Bones they have earned, and what they are hoping to spend them on!