Pet Sitting

I can pet sit better than ever before

I can Pet Sit almost ANYTHING! :)

I can pet sit:

Dogs, Cats, Hamsters, Fish, Birds, Bunnies. But I am Soooooo sorry that I can't take care of anything else. But you can call me on my cell to check and see if I can. Thanks

Things I do with your Amazing Pets

Just so you know...

I have pets as well. I have...

A Dog

2 Cats

A Hamster

A Bunny

I wanted to let you know about this so if your pets don't like being around other pets, then you can have somebody else watch them. Cause I don't want to upset your pets, or mine at that.

My Contact Info


I am turning 13 in April. So I am younger than you thought I was. But I have always loved animals, I and yes, I will need to be Payed. But depending on the amount of time. Like for a month and a half, $175 at the least. A week, $75. And these are estimates. So down blow is my Contact Information. Hope you consider.