Child labor in the Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast, Africa

Whats the Problem?

Farmers in the Ivory Coast are forced to work their children because they don't earn enough money to provide for their families. And this means that children aren't able to get the education they need so when they grow up the same problem is repeated because they have no experience in anything but cocoa because they did not get the education they needed.

Also, farmers used to be able to take their cocoa to trade centers in order to negotiate a price but now they barely earn enough to feed themselves so they take whatever price the buyers give that come to their village. Which is the reason why farmers and their family's live in poverty and leads to things like child labor.


I believe that in order to stop this terrible problem in the ivory coast is for company's like Mars and Hershey who have shown signs of wanting to stop child labor, pay more for cocoa in order for farmers to earn more money so they wouldn't need to work their children and they would not live in poverty with their family's. And this would allow children to get an education so when they grow up they can get high paying jobs. But this would require our help which is why your voice is needed. Speak Up! Just think while some parents are helping their kids with their homework others are cutting down cocoa together in order to eat.