O'Rourke Library Update

One Read 2015-16 School Year

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A cross cultural experience!

" I will Always Write Back: how one letter changed two lives " is a positive and uplifting book written in the clear style of a journalist, Liz Welch, and through the eyes of two young authors who eagerly share their experience of being international pen pals. eBook ISBN 978-0-316-24134-2 or Hardcover ISBN 978-0-316-24131-1

Considering Points of View

Avoiding pitfalls

Some readers may be tempted to judge the novel too early. Don't be fooled. What may seem a little sentimental or cliché in the beginning opens to reveal a true story of people we can and want to relate to as the experience of the two teens evolves. The novel avoids numbing stereotypes and generalities about an American coming to the rescue and guides readers to realize that real people and real relationships are much more complicated and much more interesting.