The Printing Press in Europe

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The Impact of the Printing Press

"The Impact of Movable Type Printing Press", states where the printing press started and where it spread to. The Printing Press started in Germany in 1450. It spread all over Europe, a decade later several more spread in the same location. In 1500 there is a huge spread of the movable type printing presses around the same location.

Columbus's letter

Lisbon was where Columbus's letter be sent around the world. "Geographical Diffusion of Columbus's First Letter" map shows where his letter was sent and how many copies the printing press made in the different cities. Valladolid was where the last place Columbus's letter was.

Gutenburg and The Printing Press

Gutenburg came up with the movable printing press. He says " This technology advanced mass literature". In the article " The Printing Press and It's "Impact" on Literacy".


The places where Columbus's Letter went

Columbus's Letter went from Lisbon to Barcelona where it got published by Pedro Posa, in spanish from there it traveled to Rome in April 29, 1493 there it completes translation into Latin by Ali ander de Cosco. Later in May 1493 first Plannck edition was published. In June 15, 1493 Dati verse edition. Then it went to Paris, Antwerp, Basel, and Florence. The last place it went to was Valladolid where there was the second spanish edition.