Mrs. Bell's Class News

Week of Sept. 15-19, 2014

Hello! I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the new week. The students have survived their first Theme test and did well. I am very proud of the time spent preparing for the test. Your child may be talking to you about the research project they are doing for our ELA unit. I wrote four topics on the board and your child was to choose one that they wanted to focus their project on, all of the topics related to dogs! Your child can make a poster, create a power point, or write a report. This is an in-school project and is due on Oct. 2. We will be planting our fall garden tomorrow with some help from the CHS Ag Class and Mrs. Susan Harvin. Very excited to see what we will be planting!
This week in Reading--Our story is "The Babe and I" and our reading skill continues to focus on fact and opinion. Vocabulary quiz will be on Thursday, Reading test will be on Friday, and everyone passed the pre-test this morning, so the spelling words are on a typed list that I gave each student and had them write down the new words in their agenda.
This week in Math- I hope to be finished with Chapter 3 by Thursday, with the Chapter test to be given on Friday. If the test is pushed to next week, I will have it in the agenda.
This week in Social Studies- The students are learning about the five major rivers and two major mountain ranges in the United States. This standard requires your child to label a blank map of the United States with the correct location of said rivers and mountain ranges. I am planning the assessment to be on Thursday. The Social Studies workbook does a decent job of the topographical features of the United States and I am using that as a resource as well as the Georgia Weekly newspaper.
Have a great week and Go Tigers!
Teresa Bell